Obesity – Causing Factors, Symptoms and Treatment



The individuals who are very overweight and failed to get results from diet and exercise alone, for them, obesity surgery in India is the best, safest, and most secure method for achieving weight loss. The weight loss surgery incorporates a scope of surgical and non-surgical procedures that help individuals to lose significant and quick weight, which likewise improves their health.

Obesity Surgery in India has all the earmarks of being amazingly compelling in managing the individuals who are overweight since it is a method that has been intended to deal with the weight of the individual as indicated by their body mass index (BMI). The plan to perform the obesity surgery in India is to lessen the size of the stomach with a gastric band or through the removal of a portion of the stomach.

Types of Obesity

The study detailed six groups of obese people. These were:

  • young sound females – women who were overweight, however generally had less weight-related complications, for example, type 2 diabetes
  • Heavy-drinking guys – as above, yet with higher alcohol intake
  • Unhappy and anxious middle-aged – dominatingly women with poor mental health and prosperity
  • Affluent and healthy older – generally positive health, yet characterizing attributes of more senior alcohol admission and high blood pressure
  • Physically wiped out however happy elderly – older people with more chronic diseases, for example, osteoarthritis, yet great psychological wellness
  • Most reduced wellbeing – individuals who were the most economically denied and had the best number of chronic diseases

This research suggests it might be smarter to recognize the subgroups of obesity, as opposed to placing all obese people into one category, which may help tailor interventions and treatments all the more viably.

Obesity Symptoms and Treatment in India

Being somewhat overweight may not cause numerous noticeable problems. However, when you are carrying a couple of additional kilograms, you may create symptoms that influence your daily life.

  • breathlessness
  • increased perspiring
  • snoring
  • inability to adapt to unexpected physical activity
  • feeling worn out each day
  • back and joint pains
  • low certainty and confidence
  • feeling isolated

The objective of obesity treatment is to reach and stay at a healthy weight. This improves your general health and brings down your risk of creating complications identified with obesity. You may need to work with a group of health professionals — including a dietitian, behavioral counselor, or a weight master — to assist you with understanding and make changes in your eating and activity habits. The treatment methods that are directly for you rely upon your obesity severity, your general health, and your ability to participate in your weight loss plan.

List of Best Obesity Surgeons in India

Obesity surgery hospitals and centers in India have just made a niche for themselves in the surgery world, exploring and contacting new horizons in the field of treatment and medical industry, giving a full scope of medical equipment, and undified items that offer proficient and accurate results to the patients. Top bariatric surgeons of India are receptive to the necessities of their patients and their families. As a part of a continuous modernization program, they are constantly upgrading their services and gear to give only the best. Top bariatric surgeons of India are:

  • Dr. Gopinath Consultation
  • Dr. V Baskaran
  • Dr. Uday Shankar
  • Dr. Saurabh Misra
  • Dr. Poorna Chandra K.S.

Benefits of Obesity Surgery in India: Assistance of Forerunners Healthcare

India is a country that is the most favored destination for all patients over the globe that is searching for low-cost obesity surgery. The cost of the obesity surgery in India is one-tenth of the price which one pays in the other developed countries for a similar method and care. The cost of obesity surgery can vary depending upon the sort of medicine and medical conditions of the patients. Forerunners Healthcare Consultants has ties just with the best bariatric obesity surgeons and doctors in India, essential in treating any medical condition or abroad. The advantage of obesity surgery under Forerunners Healthcare Consultants guarantees the most extreme care to keep up morals in meeting the patient's needs. We offer ease obesity surgery from the top bariatric surgeons and best hospitals in India.


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