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Liver transplant is surgery to replace a diseased liver with a wholesome liver. Sometimes a healthy person will donate a part of his or her liver to a patient.  For example, a parent may donate to a child. This kind of donor is called a living donor. The liver can regrow itself. Both people normally end up with completely running livers after a successful transplant. The brand new liver is removed from the donor via a surgical cut in the upper abdomen. It is placed into the patient who needs the liver, and attached to the blood vessels and bile ducts. The operation may take up to 12 hours.

 Liver Transplant Surgery by Dr. Anand Khakhar

Dr. Anand Khakhar's approach to liver treatment in Chennai

Dr. Anand Khakhar possess the passion and expertise to evaluate and treat patients with complex liver disease, who typically are not considered for liver transplantation elsewhere because of factors, including age, body mass index or disease severity. Dr. Anand Khakhar plays whole organ transplants and split up-liver transplants — state-of-the-art and existence-saving alternatives that separate him from others. Dr. Anand Khakhar focus is to provide the best possible care for his patients, regardless of disease stage.  He is highly skilled in primary and secondary liver cancer treatment. He works with Apollo Hospitals, Chennai as specialists to transplant livers in patients with advanced cancers to extend their lives.


During consultation with Dr. Anand Khakhar best liver transplant surgeon in India

Once the patient consults Dr. Anand Khakhar, you will go through the liver transplant evaluation process.  This is typically a two- to three-day outpatient evaluation.  In addition, patients undergo a number of laboratory tests and x-ray procedures.  The evaluation, which is rather standardized, does have to be customized based on the patient, their underlying disease, and other medical problems. Once the affected person is evaluated their entire case is mentioned in detail.  In most cases, patients are deemed suitable for transplantation.  In various circumstances there may be other medical problems or complications that would prohibit patients from being listed for transplantation. Dr. Anand Khakhar has cared for thousands of patients with advanced liver disease. In those with the most severe form of advanced liver disease and cirrhosis, liver transplantation is a life-saving surgery. 


Dr. Anand Khakhar liver transplant specialists in India

Dr. Anand Khakhar aims to provide the best possible care to who are in need of a liver transplant and achieve the best possible outcomes.  He performs adult and pediatric liver and kidney transplants. Dr. Anand Khakhar performed the first split-liver transplant in India. He also performs adult to adult living liver transplants and specializes in all liver, biliary and pancreas surgeries. Dr. Anand Khakhar has grown to be one of best liver transplant surgeon in India with a global reputation for quality care. He is the world over identified as a pioneering in liver transplants and anti-rejection remedy, in addition to hepatitis Band C research. In addition, his living donor liver transplant program is among the top five in the nation. Dr. Anand Khakhar brings over 30 years of experience treating patients with advanced liver disease to you.


Why Forerunners Healthcare Consultants? 

A forerunners healthcare consultant is here to help you with the best quality low cost medical procedures. The medical services at forerunners healthcare consultant cost about 70-80 percent lesser than USA, UK and other countries. For the past many years, we have assisted hundreds of client’s just like you in obtaining incredibly affordable liver transplant surgery through our global affiliate network of world-class hospitals. Because the pioneer and leader within the medical facilitation enterprise, we've obtained the requisite experience essential to best guarantee your safe, stress-free, and proactive experience form the day you first contact us until well after you have returned home and fully recuperated. But don’t just accept our claims. When you contact us, we will be happy to provide you with as many client referrals as necessary so that you can make your own judgment. 


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