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Make your body smile and shine with whey protein powder. This supplement is the amalgam of the best macro and micro nutrients to up the health quotient. What you miss from your daily diet, can be covered up with whey supplementation. 


Let’s get to the basics first. Whey and casein are the two milk proteins. They are extracted during cheese production from milk. Earlier, the cheesemakers would discard the by-product. However, with increased technology, this by-product has been found to be rich in proteins. The nutritional value of whey and casein proteins is high. Hence, they are converted into supplements now. The ON gold standard whey protein is the best of all. It is available in numerous flavors plus the nutritional constituency is superb. The ON gold whey product does not have added sugar. Its protein constituency is high and is therefore perfect for fitness enthusiasts. People who want to lose weight while maintaining their nutrition level must go for whey protein supplementation. This product can even work as a meal replacement.

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Moving on, let me tell you about the three main types of whey protein:

Concentrate: The concentrated whey varies considerably in its protein, lactose, and fat content from other whey products. Whey protein concentrate is usually included in protein bars, drinks, and nutritional products.

Isolate: The isolate whey protein powder has a high consistency of protein. It is low in fat or lactose. Whey protein isolate is perfect for those who are lactose intolerant.

Hydrolysate: The whey protein hydrolysate is fast and easy to digest. In the hydrolysate whey protein the long protein chains, called peptides, are pre-broken down. The short proteins are therefore easy to digest. They easily cover up nutritional deficiencies.


The gold standard whey protein powder comes with numerous advantages such as:

Increase in your strength and muscle mass- The ON gold whey protein is significant in increasing muscle mass and muscle strength. It releases anabolic hormones such as insulin. This release is responsible for one’s muscle growth. Add to that, the ON gold whey contains high leucine content which stimulates muscle protein synthesis in our body. Together, the protein and amino acids hike our muscle growth. Whey leads to faster muscle growth as compared to other protein types.

Helps you feel fuller, eat lesser

The gold standard whey is fulfilling in nature. It offers an incredible effect on satiety. Protein is the largest macromolecule. Protein, in general, ranks highest among other macronutrients when it comes to satiety. The whey protein increases energy expenditure. It balances the number of calories that you consume. Whey protein slashes down your hunger cravings by 60%. For best results, combine the ON whey protein with weight lifting. Such a combination will help you lose about 8 pounds of your body weight. The whey protein supplementation increases your lean muscle mass. Also, it boosts your metabolism, shrinks your appetite, and preserves lean muscle.

Aids in recovery from exercise

The whey protein supplementation is helpful in making you recover from exercise. It leads to improvement in your athletic abilities. Taking whey protein increases your running speed. It also helps you to recover better from your workouts.

Lowers cholesterol

Furthermore, the ON gold standard whey protein is helpful in lowering your total and LDL cholesterol.

Helps regulate blood pressure

Yes, the ON whey protein supplementation helps in the regulation of blood pressure. It is good for people with hypertension. Studies depict that whey protein is effective in reducing blood pressure. Hence, it acts as a deterrent against incurring potentially fatal heart risks.

Hence, whey protein supplementation is wholesome in nature. It offers numerous health benefits and boosts overall bodily functions. Whey protein supplementation offers anti-cancer properties. They increase immune function and also protect people against the symptoms of psoriasis.


Like every other supplement, the ON gold whey protein supplements also work best when taken on time. Whey protein supplements are easy to digest.  They are rich in glutamine and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). These two components offer high energy to counteract muscle breakdown and support muscle recovery. Whey protein supplementation is used in various biochemical processes. It is essential for muscle contraction, muscle growth, and muscle repair. Whey protein supplements maintain various metabolic processes and control body composition.

In the morning

Taking the ON gold whey protein powder in the morning is the best of all times for it gives a quick start to your body. In the morning the glycogen store is reduced because the body wakes up after an overnight fast. The human body is forced to turn the amino acid stores to power metabolic processes. As a result, the muscles go into a catabolic (or breakdown) state. Since whey protein is a fast-digesting protein it is perfect to be taken when you wake up. The product delivers amino acids to your muscles and helps in counteracting muscle breakdown. Various experts recommend that consuming a quality whey protein shake in the morning sets you up for the entire day.


Workout, as we all know, exhausts the human body. Taking a whey protein shake after a workout is beneficial. It creates a positive nitrogen balance in the body. This balance helps to stimulate muscle protein synthesis and increase muscle mass. Protein works as the building block of new muscle growth. Various researchers have found that whey protein increases protein synthesis especially when taken immediately before resistance exercise. Bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts should take at least 25-35 grams of whey protein as the basis for their pre-workout shake.

Post Workout

Taking the ON gold standard whey protein is helpful when taken after a workout, especially for athletes. The ON gold whey covers up the stress that is put on your muscles due to exercise. Muscles need a lot of nutrients for repair and re-growth after an exercise. Whey, being a fast-acting protein source is helpful for people who follow strength-based training sessions. They let your muscles remain fit.

Before Bed

Sleeping puts you in a state of fasting. When taken before bed, the ON gold whey protein helps you to go several hours without food. It offers a good dose of nutrients to your muscles. The ON gold standard whey protein powder supplementation aids to metabolic processes while you sleep. It stops your muscle from entering a catabolic state. Taking whey supplements before bed ensures that nutrients are available during the overnight fast. It will save the muscles from breakdown. Also, the stomach will be filled during your sleep because whey protein has incredible satiating power.



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