Guilong manifold blocks Machinery Co., Ltd. is still the best hydraulic valve block manufacturer

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manifold blockSmachinery manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in jinzhong city industrial park, Shanxi Province, located in China's largest hydraulic city - Ningbo, Zhejiang, the traffic is very convenient. Since its establishment, the company has delivered many high-quality products for the machinery industry, metallurgy, mining undertakings, and established a good reputation.

Hydraulic system includes: hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic pump, hydraulic valve, hydraulic station, electro-hydraulic push rod, etc.hydraulic-valve-manifold-block

Hydraulic cylinder: vehicle hydraulic cylinder, loader hydraulic cylinder, engineering hydraulic cylinder, light weight pull rod hydraulic cylinder, servo hydraulic cylinder, metallurgical equipment hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic steering gear hydraulic cylinder.,Hydraulic station: single type hydraulic station (power hydraulic station, compound hydraulic station), unit type hydraulic station (integral hydraulic station, separated hydraulic station), central hydraulic station.
Hydraulic pump products include: Hydraulic station, gear pump, gear pump (single stage, high pressure, double, triple), bulldozers dedicated gear pump, gear pump for dump truck, a gear motor, vane pump, vane pump (pin type, single stage, vehicle operation, double, twin, variable), car steering vane pump, vacuum pump, vane motor, piston pump, axial plunger pump (high pressure, swash plate, pump power units.

Hydraulic valve: (remote control, pressure control valve, relief valve, the forerunner of moving, low noise, unloading, electromagnetic), balance valve, pressure reducing valve (one-way), sequence valve (one-way), hydraulic system, pressure relays, flow control valve, throttle valve (one-way, the overflow, the superposition type), deceleration valve (check valve), flow control valve (with one-way valve, pilot operation, stroke), the needle valve Direction control valve, electromagnetic directional control valve (small current signal control), electro-hydraulic directional control valve, manual directional control valve, multi-way directional control valve, CAM operation directional control valve, hydraulic control check valve, check valve, superposition valve (01, 03, 06, 10,) high pressure superposition hydraulic valve, cartridge valve, two way cartridge valve Cartridge valve (with electromagnetic directional valve, direction, flow, overflow)

Electro-hydraulic proportion: electro-hydraulic proportional remote relief valve, electro-hydraulic proportional relief valve (pressure reduction, remote control), power amplifier, setter

Coal machine valve: control valve, one-way valve (hydraulic control, column, short column, double hydraulic control), two-way valve (one-way), emulsion pump station, globe valve (plane, ball type), safety valve, filter, liquid return break valve, single pillar, cut top pillar general valve, three use valve, special valve: Soil shovel control valve, rapid drop valve, pressure control valve, soil remover main control valve, multi directional pilot valve, limit jitter valve, manual directional valve, safety valve.
Hydraulic machine: Hydraulic hammer, oil filter, hydraulic hammer (handheld, machine operation), hydraulic pump station, oil filter, oil suction filter (magnetic, pipeline, high pressure pipe, double bobbin road), large flow oil filter (binocular), large flow line filter (high pressure, double barrel), plate type pipeline oil filter, oil filter, inversion type preloading type air wave clear (air).

Electro-hydraulic push rod: integral external type electro-hydraulic push rod, integral straight type electro-hydraulic push rod, parallel type electro-hydraulic push rod, parallel suspension type electro-hydraulic push rod, parallel base installation type electro-hydraulic push rod, separate type electro-hydraulic push rod.

Isostatic press Cold isostatic press permanent magnet press POWDER metallurgy press Magnetic field press Ndfeb radiation ring press

Electromagnet: direct wet-type electromagnet for valve and wet-type electromagnet for valve, electromagnet for washing machine, dc ball valve electromagnet, ac traction electromagnet, dc electromagnet for valve, ac electromagnet for valve, exchanges the integer wet-type electromagnet for valve, proportional electromagnet, low power electromagnetic valve, proportional control amplifier and displacement sensors.
Complete hydraulic products: Hydraulic cast iron, hydraulic system, single hydraulic pillar for gun mining, Loader, liquefacter, energy saver, diamond press, full brake hydraulic brick press, Pipe locking machine, baler, Hydraulic cast iron, six-side top press, Aluminum profile extrusion machine, Hydraulic pile press for engineering and construction, three-beam and four-column press, Self-unloading device, Distributor (double line, chip type, progressive), shearer, roadheader, mine lifting hydraulic station, design and manufacture complete sets of hydraulic system, oil filter car, Huade hydraulic valve, hydraulic slag machine. Products throughout the country more than provinces and autonomous regions, and established a perfect after-sales service system, through years of operation, won the customer praise. "To the quality of survival, reputation and development" is the basic policy of our company.

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