Guilong manifold blocks of hydraulic fluid cross section, flow rate and velocity of manifold block

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Detailed explanation of hydraulic fluid cross section, flow rate and velocity of manifold block,
What are the cross sections, flow rates and flow rates commonly referred to in hydraulic systems? What's the relationship between them? What is the velocity of the liquid in the pipe?manifold block
1. Flow cross section refers to the section perpendicular to the direction of liquid flow, also known as flow cross section. Commonly used A, the unit is square meters.hydraulic-valve-manifold-block
2, flow in unit time, flow through a flow section of liquid volume (mass), called volume (mass) flow. It's usually qv(qm). Volume flow unit is cm³/s or m³/s or L/min (1L=1000cm³); The mass flow unit is kg/s or kg/min. In hydraulic technology, flow is generally referred to as volume flow, which can be expressed by Q.
Fluid flow velocity distribution
3. Flow rate refers to the distance that a particle in a flowing liquid flows through in unit time. In v, the unit is m/min or cm/s.
4. Relationship between flow rate and flow rate The relationship between flow rate and flow rate can be expressed by the following formula, i.e
Where Q is flow rate;
V - the velocity of the fluid;
A -- the area of A cross section through which the liquid flows.
This indicates that the flow rate of the liquid, Q, is equal to the product of the area A of the liquid passing through A cross-section, A, and the flow rate of the liquid, V. When the cross section area of the liquid is constant, the higher the flow speed of the liquid, the greater the flow rate required.
5. The velocity of liquid in the pipe is not the same as the actual liquid is viscous, so when the liquid flows in the pipe, the actual velocity of each point on the same section is not the same. The closer the liquid is to the center of the pipe, the higher the velocity is. On the contrary, the closer to the wall the velocity decreases. In general, the average flow rate is calculated. Usually said liquid in the pipeline flow rate refers to the average flow rate.Guilong manifold blocks

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