Working principle of manifold Blocks hydraulic solenoid valve,Guilong manifold blocks

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Guilong manifold blocks-Hydraulic solenoid valve working principle, hydraulic solenoid valve classification
Working principle of hydraulic solenoid valve:
manifoldblocks.comHydraulic solenoid valve has closed cavity, in a different location to open a hole, each hole to connect different tubing, cavity piston is among, both sides are two electromagnets, which face the magnet coil electricity body which side will be attracted to, through to control the movement of the valve to open or close the different discharge of oil hole, and the oil hole is always open, hydraulic fluid will enter the different line of tubing, Then through the oil pressure to push the piston of the cylinder, the piston drives the piston rod, the piston rod drives the mechanical device, so that by controlling the current of the electromagnet is broken to control the mechanical movement.
Hydraulic solenoid valve classification:
Hydraulic solenoid valve refers to the hydraulic system transmission used to control the liquid pressure, flow and direction of a component. In the hydraulic solenoid valve, the pressure control valve is called pressure control valve, the flow control valve is called flow control valve, and the control on, off and flow direction is called the direction control valve. There are new classifications under these control valves. Let's take a look at other classifications.
1, the direction control valve is divided into one-way valve and reversing valve according to the purpose.
(1) one-way valve: only allow the fluid in the pipeline one-way through, reverse is cut off.
(2) reversing valve: change the on-off relationship between different pipelines, according to the number of working positions of the valve core in the valve body divided into two, three, etc.; According to the number of channels controlled by two, three, four, five, etc.; According to the spool drive mode of separation, motor, electric, hydraulic, etc.
2, the flow control valve is the use of the throttle port area between the valve core and the valve body and the local resistance generated by it to adjust the flow, so as to control the speed of the actuator. Flow control valves are divided into 5 types according to usage.
(1) throttle valve: after setting the area of the throttle port, the throttle valve can make the load pressure change little and the motion uniformity of the actuator is not high. The motion speed of the actuator is basically stable.
(2) speed control valve: when the load pressure changes, it can keep the inlet and outlet pressure difference of the throttle valve as a fixed value.
(3) shunt valve: no matter the size of the load can make the same oil source of two executive components to get the same flow for the same amount of shunt valve or synchronous valve; The proportional flow distribution valve is obtained.
(4) collecting valve: it is to make the flow into the collecting valve according to the proportion of distribution, the effect is opposite to the diverting valve.
(5) Diverting collecting valve: both the function of diverting valve and collecting valve.
3, pressure control valve can be divided into relief valve, pressure reducing valve and sequence valve according to use.
(1) relief valve: it can control the hydraulic system to maintain a constant state when the set pressure is reached. The overflow valve used for overload protection is called the safety valve. When the system fails and the pressure rises to the limit value that may cause damage, the valve port will open the overflow to ensure the safety of the system.
(2) pressure reducing valve: it can control the branch loop to get the stable pressure lower than the main loop oil pressure. Pressure reducing valve according to its control of the pressure function is different, and can be divided into constant value of pressure reducing valve, pressure reducing valve and pressure reducing valve.
(3)Sequence valve: can make an executive component action, then in order to make other executive components action.

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