NGOs In India Giving A Better Life To The Poor Children

by Rajat S G. Be Professional

NGOs are organizations that are legally constructed, and they operate independently and with any kind of profit-orientation. They pursue their services owing to the welfare of the public. There are many NGOs that operate for the welfare of the vulnerable group of society. There are many education NGOs in India who impart quality education to some of the children belonging to the weaker socio-economic classes of the society and their parents cannot afford their education. Some of the poor children are left behind by their parents soon after they are born, to grow on their own. Some of the best NGO in India aim and try to give these poor children a friendly and homely environment so that they get to develop in a better manner.

Literacy is an aspect that many kids are deprived of in India due to a lack of proper funds or economic resources. Thus, if you are willing to donate to charity online for these little kids so that their future can be secured, you can contact some of the NGOs mentioned below.


  • Delhi Council for Child Welfare: This NGO was started in the year 1978 to take care of the displaced, abandoned, or lost children. This NGO provides comprehensive services to the underprivileged children of Delhi and other adjacent areas for promoting their health, education development, economic and social well-being. They give the best medical care to such children who arrive at the NGO in a very destitute condition. They work for creating awareness among people about maternal health, pre, and post-natal health, and educating kids in rural and urban slum areas. Many people donate to orphans in india to this NGO, which supports their development.
  • Snehalaya: Situated in Maharashtra, this NGO mainly works for the welfare of the children, especially the ones who are subjected to child trafficking or sexual violence. The NGO believes that education is a key that can only mend up such sinful acts from happening in India. The mission of the NGO is to rescue and give rehabilitation services to the deprived and poor children of the community who are badly trapped in the crippling cycle of the abuse and poverty in India. Snehalayaprovides education services to over 15000 beneficiaries who are passionate to have a better future. 
  • Make a Difference (MAD): This is a youth-driven NGO, which works with 3400 children in 23 cities of India and has a volunteer base of 3800 people. This ensures that most of the vulnerable children in India get a proper shelter and can get a quality education so that they can realize their dreams. This can help the next generations break the vicious cycle of poverty. The interventions of this NGO include empowering the education of children through mentoring support for building the emotional health of children. You can donate for child education in India through MAD as they provide student scholarships for imparting tuition and living costs of many children.
  • Teach for India (TFI): This NGO identifies and recruits many bright students each year, who voluntarily commits in teaching the low-income schools. This NGO promotes the holistic development of children. This imparts leadership skills among children which makes an impact in the community so that everyone takes initiative to impart quality education in India. 
  • Child Rights and You (CRY): This NGO was started with an initiative of improving the plight of children who are underprivileged. CRY acts as a link between the people who are willing to contribute resources for the education and welfare of children and the organizations that are taking measures for the same. Through donation for poor child education, the NGO works for creating a society consisting of happy, healthy, and creative children. They also advocate child policies.
  • SOS Children’s Villages: SOS Children's Villages of India was established in 1964 at Faridabad near Delhi. SOS India  has worked with children, communities, disaster struck and disaster prone areas, giving hope to weary communities and families. SOS India is the largest operation within the SOS International Federation of 134 countries.


There are many other NGO in India, who work for the welfare and betterment of poor children. They hope to create a society that is full of educated and happy children.

SOS Children’s Villages of India working as an education ngos in india. We support over 25,000 children across India through our Family Based Care.

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