Myths busted about Metal Roofing sheet

by Ankita Sehgal Freelance Blogger, Lives in New Delhi
Metal roofing sheets are very popular these days. They are installed both in residential and commercial places owing to their various features. If you are considering to install a metal roof, there are a few myths out there about metal roofs you should know. Mentioned below are the most common myths associated with metal roofs:


Many people prevent installing roofing sheets because they are expected to make loud noise during rain. The loud noise can often be disturbing and annoying. However, most metal roofs do not make sounds as the sheets of metal are not placed over open rafters and prevent the metal from reverberating. Modern day metal shingles are installed on the existing roof deck that reduces the noise level of the roof. Now, one can sleep under a metal roof without worrying about any noise.

Can prevent ice

Many people believe metal roofs prevent ice from forming. This is a wrong idea that people have. When snow melts on the warm roof, it slowly runs towards the cold eave edge and refreezes. In order to fix this issue, prevent the heat that is reaching the roof. To do so, experts suggest increasing attic ventilation, eliminating any heat source and installing roofs with better insulation.

A warmer home

Metal roofs are known for reducing the amount of heat reaching home dramatically. However, not all types of metal have the same properties. For instance, aluminium sheets are known for being very energy efficient. Compared to its counterparts, it has been found that aluminium sheets can reduce the total amount of heat entering the interiors of the home by as much as 34 percent. Energy saving coatings such as ppgl sheets are also available in the market easily. The ppgl sheet price is very economical as well. These are specially treated roofing sheets designed to insulate heat and keep the home much cooler in the months of summer and warmer during winters.

No resale value

People believe roofing sheets decrease the resale value. This is simply not true. Good quality iron sheets increase the resale value of a home. During the time of sale, metal roofs can add back around half of the total amount spent on it. They are very sturdy and durable that make them last for a very long period of time and very little maintenance is required. Further, their insulation properties make them a better choice for people who want to save money on utility bills by reducing the use of AC and heater. Hence, one must not hesitate before installing roofing sheets. 

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