Mystery of Hajj

by Ady Grewal Content writer
Hajj also is known as the major pilgrimage is one of the greatest Islamic events in the Muslim world which is performed every year in the Holy sanctuary of Makkah to remember the memory of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) as well as his family. This is the fifth and the last pillar of Islam that is obligatory for those who have easy access to proceed it. However, there are some rituals of Hajj which are mandatory for the pilgrims in order to complete the Hajj. Rituals of Hajj are indeed the trials of the Abrahamic family were taken by God. 

Since all the trials were fulfilled from them flawlessly, so God made rituals mandatory for the following people. So, that’s why today people who make sure their physical appearance in the Holy Kaabah perform each rite of Hajj with its typical condition. But if you go for Umrah with budget December umrah packages 2020 then rituals are changed. Let’s see what trials had been fulfilled by the Abrahamic family were applied necessarily for the coming people by God. 

The occurrence of Zamzam: When God ordered Prophet Ibrahim (AS) to leave his family on its own fate in the deserted sanctuary, so Prophet Ibrahim (AS) had done what God said. On the other hand, his wife with her infant did not hesitate to live alone in the uninhabited place full of danger. Because she had also strong determination before the Divine’s trials. 

Therefore, after spending a couple of days in the barren place she faced the lack of food as well as water. So, her infant cried bitterly for severe thirst and the mother could not see her infant crying for water. She immediately ran nearby hills known as Safa and Marwa in order to find the water. She ran seven times back and forth from Safa to Marwa but could not find any clue of water. 

However, she remained steadfast and did not any little bit of complaint to God. And in return, God rewarded a Zamzam well. Zamzam is actually an Arabic word which means “stop right now”. If you go for Umrah by budget December umrah packages 2020 then you must drink Zamzam water which is the compulsory rite of Umrah. Thus, when Hajar came back with no water, she found a stream of water spurting with full of power near her infant, so she said Zamzam to stop it.

Horror trial of slaughtering: After coming back in the Holy sanctuary of Makkah from Prophet Ibrahim (AS), God ordered him to slaughter of his son the Ismael (AS). At first Prophet Ibrahim (AS) slaughtered several animals but God just demanded the slaughtering his beloved son. Thus, in order to fulfill the Divine’s order, he rendered his son for sacrificing for God by asking the will of his son as well as his wife Hajar. They both did not deny the trial of God. In this way, Prophet Ibrahim (AS) took his son at Mina place to slaughter his son. On the way, the devil (Satan) persuaded Ismael (AS) against slaughtering act but he pelted devil to stop astray. Thus, pelting known as “Jamarat” became the compulsory rite of Hajj but not for Umrah. If you appear for Umrah performing through umrah package April 2020 then you are not allowed to act such kind of rite. Eventually, Ibrahim (AS) succeeded in the great test without slaughtering his son but ram which was sent by God from Jannah. 

Construction of the Holy Kaabah: After succeeded in all the tests, God ordered to build His House (Kaabah) in order to pure worship. So, all the acts of several trials were included the part of worship which are performed by the pilgrims.

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