My Hero Academia: Chizome Akaguro Is the Best Villain in the Show So Far

by Janessa Watson Writer

My Hero Academia is a show about heroes, so naturally, it has villains as well. There have been many villains on the show who have interesting characters. But almost all of them pale in comparison to the persona and ideological edge of the Hero Killer Stain (Chizome Akaguro). Although unjust to him, Stain has not been given a much larger part on the show which he definitely deserves. But even in the relatively shorter cameo that he has played, he has been able to create perennial impressions on the viewers as well as other characters. His frightening aura was enough to instill fear into the hearts of pro-heroes since he had already killed pro-heroes in the past, so no one took him lightly.

Stain had the capacity to paralyze pro heroes. The length of time for which he can keep his opponents down depended on the Blood group, with O blood types recovering the fastest while B blood types taking as long as 8 minutes to get back to their senses. This was possible because of his Quirk which was called “Blood Curdle”.  If he was not satisfied with just paralyzing his victims, he never flinched in even killing them. He always carried weapons to ensure that he could easily draw the blood of his victims with ease. His ferocious speed and endurance made him even harder to fight.

 When he was young, just like Izuku Midoriya, he too wanted to become a hero. He too thought of All Might as his ideal and therefore got enrolled in the hero course to pursue his dream and follow in All Might’s footsteps. But he was disillusioned to find out how the meaning of a hero has been corrupted. He realized that most people wanted to become a hero just for the money and fame, instead of serving others they only wanted personal benefits. It enraged Stain to the point that he quit and started preaching his ideology to others on the street but was unable to have any impact, as most people would ignore him. He then came to the conclusion that actions only mattered and to make a change he has to do something instead of just preaching his philosophy of heroics. 

Stain started training with his ambitious goals of changing society. He practiced for years perfecting his killing techniques and became merciless. He was of opinion that the heroes that care for money and fame should not call themselves heroes in the first place. He believed that such heroes should not only be banished from society but in fact, purged. His philosophy of heroics has now become an obsession for him and he was determined to do whatever it took to make the world a better place. 

Although Stain had a very negative view of pro-heroes, he still regarded All Might as his ideal and believed that he was the only person worthy of being called a hero. He deemed self-sacrifice as an important trait of a hero.

 Stain’s mercilessness does not mean that he was like other villains. Stain did not like unnecessary bloodshed and only kills when he finds targets of his own cause. He even spares Izuku because he believes that he is a true hero.

Stain’s philosophy has impacted others like Toga, Dab and Spinner who are associated with the League of Villains. Although Stain might have wanted to address the issue of corruption of heroic ideals ironically his actions only lead to an increase in crime and criminals. But irrespective of his actions he did make pro-heroes think seriously about the ideals of heroism that they should stand by. Even though it seems he was defeated but his ideology won.

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