Pokémon Gen VIII: Where’s The New Eeveelution?

by Janessa Watson Writer

Currently, in the Pokémon world, Eevee might be the most favorite and popular Pokémon. In terms of popularity, Eevee is giving tough competition to Pikachu as well. There’s no doubt that in the past years, and previous Pokémon generations, Eevee has earned tremendous popularity. The reason behind this is its cuteness and its various evolution forms. Yes, it’s true that Eevee has multiple evolution forms, and it’s more than any other Pokémon. Every fan of Eevee loves at least one of its forms: Espeon, Sylveon, or Vaporeon.

Now the second half of the “Pokémon Sword and Shield” expansion pass is just at the corner, and fans wonder if there would be a novel Eevee form. Fans clearly have some expectations from “Crown Tundra.”

Can’t Mess with a Fan Favourite

For the past few years, Pokémon fans are talking about a very important subject. In the beginning, Pikachu was considered as cutest, and Eevee was the fluffiest Pokémon. In the game, Jolteon and Flareon have been released together, and there’s a chance that Vaporeon will come soon as well. The Eevee evolution in the game matters the most because it has several forms, and every form has its ability. One thing that is common is that every available form of Eevee is cute, and it will be quite challenging to use the remaining Eeveelution in the game.

New Form has to Fit the Galar’s Theme

According to the Pokémon Galar region, fans might get the Ghost or Dragon Eevee form. Ghost-type Eevee is not something that can terrify fans.

The Ghost-type Pokémon has a dark backstory. The Galarian Corsola, whose species are completely extinct in Galar due to climate change, turn into Ghost-type. In the same order, Eevee has to die or be cursed to turn into a Ghost-type Pokémon and this theory doesn’t define Eevee’s cute character.

Crown Tundra appeared as a great place where fans can find the Dragon-type Pokémon. Fans might see many more evolution forms of Eevee because it has the potential to adapt to every type of environment.

What Will Be the Process of Eevee Evolution?

According to past incidents, Eevee has multiple forms, and it evolves according to the environment. Now there are chances that Eevee will get a different type of environment at Crown Tundra to take a new form.

 The following speculation regarding Eevee will be over when a new form of Eevee comes out.

Fans are attached to Eevee because it has multiple forms. Every form of Eevee is outstanding and has its own identity. Even after multiple evolution forms, fans are still looking for more.

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