Most Effective Ways to Overcome Shared Office Space's Problem

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Co-working place is the latest blessing for all the working professionals especially the remote workers, freelancers and start-ups. It has transformed the working environment for people and provided ample networking opportunities to expand the business. With the shared workspaces, the productivity of the individuals has increased and the costs have decreased. But when we talk about these office spaces, we encounter certain problems with them. However, the best part about these problems is that all of them can be solved and there are effective ways to deal with them. Once these problems are dealt with, the shared workspaces can provide you with numerous opportunities and prove to be miraculous for the growth of your business and job opportunities. 

Ways to deal with the problems of shared office space

When you go to the shared office spaces, you need to deal with several people from diverse backgrounds all of whom have different working styles and aspirations. Some people are too loud while some may be well behaved. There are a few who like to overhear and put their nose in others' business, while there are others who are very reserved. It becomes a challenge to deal with them and understand the people around whom you are working. But to have a nice working experience, it is very important to be friendly and nice with the people around. Along with that, the people around you can offer you opportunities to expand your business which makes it necessary to have good relations with everybody around. Some of the common problems which one has to face in the shared office space and their best possible solutions are:

  1. Distractions all around!

The most prominent problem with the co-working places is the constant distractions one has to face- the noise of people moving around, laptops opening and closing, chairs moving here and there, people roaming around and chit-chatting, the noise of the phones, meetings and a lot of them. All of this makes it difficult for people to work and concentrate. However, if your work requires more concentration then you can wear noise-canceling headphones to block out the noise or you can consider taking a seat in a corner subject to availability. There are private cabins available for people who need complete silence. 

You can even ask the manager of the space to request the people to put their phones on silent mode and promote them to go in the cafeteria or outside to take the calls. Meetings should be organized in the conference rooms to avoid noise. The distractions can be reduced considerably if positive steps are taken by everybody. 

  1. No Privacy

This is yet another hurdle that is quite disturbing. It is very difficult to maintain privacy in a shared workplace. People can overhear your important conversations and use them for their benefit. The business secrets might as well be revealed. The best way to ensure privacy is to maintain enough desk space between individuals. All the meetings should only be organized in separate meeting rooms or conference rooms so that the secrets can remain intact. Also, keep your files and documents in the locker to avoid being seen by other competitors and keep your computer system locked so that no one can open it when you are not around. 

  1. Limited Space

Often the space allocated to each individual is less than what is given in the corporate office. The square footage per person is less due to which people might feel uncomfortable. However, the workplace can overcome this problem by providing more common areas like lounges, breakout spaces, etc.  Also, more space in the form of storage or drawers can be provided so that the workers can work efficiently. The employees should keep all their stuff well organized so that the entire desk is available for keeping the laptop and other essential stuff only. If space is less, then effective utilization can make it easier to work. 

  1. Security and safety issues

The professionals often face security and safety issues because there are hundreds of people working in the same office space and they use the same equipment, internet network and devices. This poses a serious threat to security. The best way to address this problem is to provide private and secure networks with unique IDs and Passwords to every individual. There should be touch-based ID access in the building and no unidentified people should be allowed to enter the building. The meeting room and conference rooms must be soundproof. The storage options should be provided with adequate locking facilities so that no one can barge in other’s stuff. Laptops and computers should also be password protected. Moreover, individuals should be vigilant at all times and must make sure that all protection measures are being put in place properly. 

  1. Lack of Amenities

It is often seen that with so many people working around in the same office place, the amenities might be less than what is desired. There are limited conference rooms and meeting rooms, limited printers and fax machines and other equipment. The best way to deal with the problem is to plan. It is best to book the conference and meeting rooms in advance to avoid any delays or problems. It is best to do the work in a planned way and avoid a last-minute rush. 

The Coworking spaces should also work to provide the best equipment and ensure the use of each one of them efficiently so that there is no chaos. 

The shared office spaces are the best option for all the individuals who find it difficult to work from home. Moreover, the start-ups which don’t have enough funds can easily rent out the shared workspace which can provide them with twin benefits- it can save the costs and provide networking opportunities. 

DesqWorx is an excellent shared workplace that offers world-class facilities to all individuals to ensure that they can work comfortably. It is much more than just an office space that provides ample space to work along with a variety of options like a hot desk, dedicated desk and private cabin to ensure seamless working experience.

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