How Virtual Office Is Going to Change Your Business Strategies

by Desq Worx Coworking spaces for independent professionals

For most of the business houses, two things involve a major expense- 

  1. The people 
  2. The rent.

Won’t it be good if one of the two things gets eliminated, right?

This gives rise to the concept of “virtual offices”, which means that there is no physical office space, and everyone is working from home or elsewhere. 

Besides, saving on the costs associated with renting out or buying out an office space, one of the obvious benefits of virtual office spaces is the enhanced quality of life of the employees, thus improving productivity and morale.

Corporate lives are evolving tremendously. Now it does not matter from where you log in. Virtual office space has become a new trend which is being followed by companies worldwide. 


Technology has acted as a primary vehicle

The question that arises here is that can we perform our job roles efficiently while working from the comfort of our homes? Is it possible for the service-based industries to take advantage of these benefits? Thanks to the developments made in virtual desktops and other cloud-based solutions, employees can now work from anywhere due to good internet connection and desktops.

But technology alone will not provide a good solution for virtual office spaces. Even if people get connected through technology, it is very difficult to eliminate the need for social interaction. Coordinated team efforts and social interaction can not be wiped off from the framework of the companies. You need to coordinate, coach and build teams when you are working in a professional environment. Moreover, virtual office spaces will miss out on those spontaneous and brilliant ideas that flow organically through casual conversations.


Let’s discuss how corporates can improve their productivity through virtual office spaces?

  • You can get the best person to work for your company. Even if your company is based in the UK and you have found the right candidate in the USA. There will be no geographical limitations. If you have found the perfect candidate residing in some other country, the person can work from home, and give the best output to the company. You can be flexible with your work schedule. This will ensure that the experience and knowledge base is not limited to the geographic location. 

Such candidates can be productive from anywhere and all thanks to the virtual desktops, speedy network connections, large-scale online collaborative scales, and smartphones, as long as they can rely on it.

  • Your company need not stick to a regimented work schedule or time-table- If there are differences in the time zones and time-scales, then the employee can work with a lot of flexibility. When people are permitted to work according to their own schedules, they will be able to balance their responsibilities and job roles both personally, as well as, professionally. If everyone is putting a collective team-effort, then the output will speak for itself. As long as all the employees of your company understand their responsibilities, this degree of flexibility will motivate the employees to perform to the best of their abilities. 

Most of the companies have noticed higher productivity among the employees after they have implemented flexible working hours.

  • Extended work timings- You will be having employees from many continents, so one or more of the employees will be able to satisfy the client by being available as and when required.
  • 24-hour constant feedback possible- Although there will be a lot of influx of messages in your inbox as 24 hours will be working, still, you will be constantly receiving insights into how smoothly your company is working and progressing. There will be high communication and if you are quick off the mark so will be your productivity and improvements in the business. You can simply chop and change your business strategies, as well as, the working style; you need not wait for “someone” to come into the office and complete the work. The work will get managed 24 hours from the comfort of the employee’s home. 

Take the best advantage of your virtual office as a living machine and work hard to get the best out of it. It will be a great revolutionary step when you will give great freedom to your employees to deal with the clients as and when they desire. 

  • Multitasking has become an important tool- A customer representative when solving the problem of a client can deal with one person at a time. Although their queries are no different from the queries of the previous client on the call, they have to be answered one call at a time. With the advancement in technology and new innovative software coming up, most of the customers are resorting to the medium of instant texting and messaging. 

So, when you decide to throw off the shackles of typical shared office space, and you decide to work through virtual office space, then you can deal with multiple customers at a time. Extended working hours will happen and your clients will be more satisfied as the productivity of your organization will increase. In this mode, even your employees would be extremely happy and productive. It is your duty to make an office, but virtual office space is the ultimate chameleon.


In conclusion, the times are changing constantly. It is better you grow your business rather than growing your inbox. In today’s competitive scenario, if entrepreneurs will not cope up with the advancement in technology, then they will be left far behind. 


It will be a perfect smart move which will save the business owners a lot of time and money- and at the same time assist them in implementing all the latest advancements in technology and management resources. That is the concept of virtual office spaces. Very simply, virtual office space is the one in which the employee might not be available on-site; in fact, the employee could be located in any part of the world but he will be constantly available through the online mode.

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