Reasons why shared office space is getting more popular in the past decade

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‘Shared office space’- a place which was not known to people a few years back has become one of the most sought after places for all the distance working individuals. The shared office space is a boom for all the working individuals as it gives the benefit of working in a corporate environment without actually joining a particular job. It is a style of working where the people work independently, for different firms but under one roof. The millennials are flocking them and they find it comforting to work in the shared workplaces. 

Some ten years back, this concept did not exist but just in a decade, their number has risen and it is expected to go up further in the coming time. The basic reason has been the rise in the number of start-ups, freelancers and the concept of work-from-home. These new trends have paved the way for shared workplaces. Even the large firms are shifting their focus towards the shared workplaces because of the tremendous benefits they offer. 

Reasons why shared workplaces have become popular

There is a reason why the shared office space is becoming the most sought after place. In fact, there are plenty of benefits that the shared workplaces offer to the individuals and companies which have made them popular.  Some of them are:

  1. Cost-saving option

Shared workplaces are highly affordable and the start-ups don’t need to incur any fixed expenditure with them. They are available at low prices. Moreover, they provide a variety of membership options ranging from personal desk to a private cabin. They cost less than the rent one has to pay for an individual office area.

Buying a place is a huge risk so the start-ups can start working from here, set-up their business and then move to their own space. This way the firms can save a huge fixed expenditure but get all the benefits of working from an office place only. 

  1. Great for networking

Coworking spaces offer tremendous networking opportunities. You can get to meet thousands of people from different domains who can offer you business opportunities and help to build contacts. Networking events are also organized frequently which can help you to hire recruits or get opportunities to enhance the business. Networking is the essence of growing your business and with shared workspaces; you can get ample opportunities to build contacts for the betterment of your business. 

  1. Flexibility

Most of the shared workplaces provide you with 24x7 access. They are highly flexible which makes them popular. It is suitable for people who like to work at night and even for those who like to work early in the morning. Also, flexibility is provided in terms of hiring the space you require and the payment duration as well. You can pay according to hours, days, weeks, months or year. Most of the shared workplaces are centrally located so that people can commute easily without wasting their time and energy. 

  1. Excellent amenities

The shared office spaces don’t just provide you with a space to work, they also offer several other amenities like high-speed internet, meeting rooms, conference rooms, coffee, snacks, fax machine, etc. This makes the lives of people easy as they just need to go to the office and work without caring for arranging other amenities required for the smooth functioning. Start-ups and freelancers don’t even need to incur expenditure on purchasing these amenities as they are available for use in the office which can save their costs. Further, there are cafeterias and lounges for the people to sit and relax while having delicious coffee and snacks. 

With shared workplaces, you don’t need to take care of the pantry or the inventory of small stationery which is made available by the office place only. 

  1. Increases the productivity 

Shared office spaces increase productivity as the workers are motivated to work more efficiently when they see people around them working hard. The atmosphere of the shared workplaces is mostly charged up with positivity and dedication because most of the workers are young entrepreneurs. One might feel lethargic while working at home and get demotivated or bored when there is nobody around. Shared workplaces help tremendously in coping up with this problem. 

  1. Sociable places

The shared workspaces are very social. People from different backgrounds and work cultures come together to work and socialize with each other. They attract people because there are always tons of people to share your ideas, interact or just share a coffee or beer. People do not get such opportunities while working at home. Socializing with people is refreshing and relieves the stress which in turn enhances the productivity of the employees.

  1. Scalability

Every business enterprise aims to grow. Survival and growth are the main objectives of any business enterprise. However, while business operations grow, companies need more space and amenities. This becomes easier in a shared workplace because you just need to hire more tables or space for your employees. It is very easy and cost-efficient to increase your scale of work in case of shared workplaces. 

All these advantages which the shared workspace offers make them highly popular among the people who have to work from home, freelancers and start-ups. The impact has been so strong that even big companies have started promoting their remote workers to work from shared workspaces to ensure higher productivity and get the benefit of networking opportunities. 

Why Desqworx?

DesqWorx is an excellent shared workspace that offers world-class office space and is equipped with enhanced amenities to make working in an office fun for you. It gives you the aura of working in the corporate world where you can get the opportunity to meet and interact with people from diverse backgrounds and enhance your business. It offers great flexibility in terms of a personal desk or private cabin depending on your needs and requirements. DesqWorx is highly affordable and tech-enabled which offers the best to the employees for comfortable work experience.

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