Most Common Dental Problems and their preventions

by Lucy Petterson The Mindful Dentist in London
Let us start with the facts. 85% of people suffer from a dental condition in one form or the other. Of this 85%, about 50% knowingly or unknowingly ignore this problem. But ignoring these dental problems is not a solution. So, let us try to understand some of the most common dental problems faced by people and how we can prevent them.

1.Bad Breath

This is one of the most common problems. Many people suffer from bad breath. Some of the common causes of bad breath are gum infections, cavities, remains of food particles and in extreme conditions oral cancer. Dentist recommends following a hygienic oral cleansing procedure to keep bad breath away. This includes regular use of mouth wash, flossing, and cleaning

2.Tooth Decay

This is the second most common dental problem. It starts with a small cavity or a hole in the teeth. The plaque combines with the food you eat to create an acid that damages the tooth enamel. If ignored this cavity can grow in size to an extent where the teeth would have to be removed or an implantation procedure would need to be done. If good care is taken then you can very well protect your teeth and avoid implantations, but in case you do need it we would suggest checking with Dr. Kushel Morjaria dentist who is an expert in implantation and is available for consultation at The Mindful Dentists, dentist crystal palace

3.Gum Problems

These are more serious issues. Infections in the gums, bleeding or swollen gums, etc. are the major issues related to gums. If you walk into any se19 dentist, he would tell you that smoking or consuming tobacco-based products are the main culprit behind this condition. Every Dentist South East London would suggest quitting smoking and following a healthy oral hygiene routine as the only preventive measure to keep the gums clean and healthy.

4.Tooth Sensitivity

Many feel a tingling sensation while biting into something very cold like ice cream or when taking in something hot like coffee. This is tooth sensitivity and yes it is a dental condition that needs to be taken care of. Sensitivity in most cases is caused by the tooth enamel getting damaged in some areas due to various reasons. But the good news is that it can be fixed easily by applying the filling material kind of paste to the sensitive part. If you think you have tooth sensitivity too, then do not hesitate to talk to a Emergency Dentist South East London and get expert advice.

5.That awkward smile

Smile is probably the first thing people notice about you. So yes, it is important to have a natural and beautiful smile. Some people are blessed to have this beautiful smile. And for the others, there is Kushel Morjaria dentist, who has received an MSc with distinction in Dental implantology, will help you to improve the facial features including the smile. He is the best in his area of expertise and uses advanced technologies to design a smile that’s radiant and rare. It is no wonder thus that he is the most sought after se19 dentist as well.

6.Toothache and emergencies

Sometimes while engaging in extreme sports, or while fighting or during some accident teeth are also impacted. This would lead to toothaches and sometimes broken teeth as well. These are situations that cannot be prevented, but we just need to be cautious always. In case of a broken tooth if only the upper part is broken then a teeth cap would suffice, while in case the root itself gets damaged, then implantation is the only way out. Kushel Morjaria dentist is the best se19 dentist whom you can approach for all your dental issues including teeth implantations.

7.Mouth ulcers and sores

Now, this can be a very painful condition which creates extreme difficulty in taking your meals and even drinking water. In most cases, mouth ulcers are self-healing and will go off within two weeks or even sooner. Home remedies such as Gargling with coconut milk or salt water and intake of vitamin C are said to be helpful in soothing out mouth ulcers. But if these do not go off by themselves in 2 weeks then please visit a dentist South East London and get a complete checkup done.

Just like a family physician, you should have a family dentist too. You should visit them for regular check-ups and clean-up activities needed for maintaining your oral health. The Mindful dentist at dentist crystal palace is the most renowned se19 dentist, whom you can walk up to for any kind of dental, implantation or maxillofacial needs. They are among the best and would be able to guide you in the best possible way. The Mindful dentist boasts of the most returning clients who are more than happy to suggest Mindful dentist to their family members, friends and others in their social circle. So next time you are looking for some dental consultation walk into the Mindful dentist and walk out with a happy smile.

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