10 Simple Ways to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

by Lucy Petterson The Mindful Dentist in London
Healthy teeth can only be achieved with regular and continuous care. It takes a lifetime of attention to attain healthy teeth. Yes, some people are blessed with the perfect teeth.But to ensure they stay perfect; it requires effort and day-to-day care. Basic tooth care is a combination of using the right oral care products and being mindful of your daily habits.

Below mentioned are some best practices that Kushel Morjaria dentist recommends that can keep your teeth and gums healthy-

1. Don’t skip brushing at night
This is one thing we all have heard time and again-about brushing two times a day! But most of us tend to neglect brushing teeth at night. This helps to get rid of the germs and plaque that tends to form on the teeth throughout the day. According to SE19 dentist, the saliva production decrease sat night, it is at this time that the germs can cause maximum harm to the teeth.

2. Proper brushing 
It’s not just brushing, but the way of brushing that is actually important. Not brushing appropriately is as good as not brushing at all! Don’t rush through the process. Move the toothbrush in gentle, up-down and circular motions. This would ensure good removal of the plaque. Plaque deposits over time would harden and lead to calculus build up. It could also lead to gingivitis and gum disease.

3. Don’t neglect your tongue
Oral hygiene is not only about cleaning your teeth. It is equally important to clean your tongue too. Plaque build-up can also happen on the tongue. This not only causes bad mouth odor, but is also the root of various other oral health issues. So, dentist South East London recommends you,to gently clean the tongue either with a tongue cleaner or a toothbrush each time you brush your teeth.
4. Use toothpaste with fluoride
The flavor and the whitening promises are the secondary elements to look for when choosing toothpaste. The right content of fluoride is the primary feature you should be looking at. The fluoride acts as the leading shield against tooth decay by having the capacity to fight germ build-up. Fluoride also helps in creating a protective barrier on the teeth. Although some people may argue for the ill effects of fluoride for other areas of health, dentist crystal palace and all over the world dentists still urge that fluoride is the mainstay requirement in oral health. 

5. Do not neglect to floss
Many people often neglect to floss. It is a misconception that flossing is only to get rid of the food that gets stuck in between the teeth. Actually, flossing helps to reduce plaque, stimulate the gums and lowers any kind of inflammation present in between the gums and teeth. So, Kushel Morjaria dentist recommends flossing once a day. To make flossing easier especially for children and adults with arthritis, opt for the ready-to-use dental flossers.

6. Regular mouthwash
The media is bombarded with advertisements about mouthwash. These advertisements often over-promise and show unrealistic happening on using a mouthwash. So people tend to overlook them. But in reality SE19 dentist vouch for the benefits of mouthwash in oral health. Mouthwash helps to reduce the amount of acid in the mouth. They help in cleaning hard-to-brush areas. Mouthwash re-mineralizes the teeth.

7. Drink more water
This is one thing any doctor would tell you! Water is the unsurpassed beverage for overall health, including oral health. Drinking water, especially after a meal ensures washing out any sticky and acidic foods formations on the teeth.

8. Eat crunchy fruits and vegetables
According to Dentist South East London, chewing fresh, crunchy fruits and vegetables not only gives you more fiber but also proves to be very beneficial for dental health.

9. Limit sugary and acidic foods
On exposure to saliva, sugar converts into acid. High exposure to such acid can erode the enamel of the teeth, eventually leading to cavities. Even high consumption of acidic fruits and caffeine-rich drinks like coffee and tea can wear down the enamel. So, be mindful of them.

1o. Regular dental check-ups
Last, but not least, see a dentist crystal palace at least twice a year, even when you think you do not have any dental issues and have been a dutiful brusher and flosser!

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