Why Bi-Annual Dental Checkup is Important?

by Lucy Petterson The Mindful Dentist in London

A Dental clinic is without a doubt one of the most dreaded places to be. A lot of people have dental anxiety and would try to avoid dental visits at all costs. But what most people don’t understand is that one needs to be under dental care and get examined by dentists regularly – at least once every 6 months, even if you are not facing any sort of dental issue. 

At times such ignorance of regular dental examinations could prove to be detrimental. It is a misconception that dental examinations are more cosmetic and concerned just with the teeth, oral hygiene, and smile. The truth is that dental examinations are about keeping a check on your overall oral health. Did you know that regular dental examinations with a private dentist near me could save your life?
What Does A Dental Examination Encompasses?
Dental examinations are not only about wisdom teeth troubles, cavities, crowns, dentures or teeth whitening suggestions. A bi-annual comprehensive dental examination gives your dentist a chance to detect oral cancer and other such health complications. During a dental examination Chetan Morjaria Dentist checks for discoloration in the gums, sores in the mouth, abnormalities in the tissue around your mouth, health of the tongue and a lot of such things which may not cause you any discomfort for the time being and therefore might go unnoticed. If he finds any abnormalities, he may ask for a more comprehensive and detailed check-up. It could involve taking samples from the mouth and sending them for lab testing, to give a more detailed and accurate diagnosis.

Early Detection of Cancer
Did you know that a comprehensive dental examination could pick up signs of oral cancer in the early stages? Do ask for oral cancer screening at a private dentist near me during your next check-up, if you are in the high-risk bracket. But don’t panic, not everybody is at high risk. People who fall in the high-risk category are those with a family history of such cancer, or those using tobacco products often.
Oral cancer, in particular, is associated with high death rates. But this is not because such cancer is difficult to treat. It is because it is often discovered quite late. And bi-annual comprehensive dental examinations are a way to try and detect the early signs in the early stages. And the reason such examination s  prove to be beneficial is that oral cancer can be positively treated, but only if it is treated at the right time.

Some Questions to Ask Your Dentist
When you visit your dentist for your bi-annual dental visit, use the time to seek answers for a few questions like-

What can be done to improve dental health?
This is surely a favorite question for a dentist to answer! Regular teeth cleaning sessions at a dentist work well only when a person follows up with at-home dental hygiene practices. One may not realize, but everyone’s mouth is different. Some may need more care concerning brushing and flossing. Reputed dentists like Chetan Morjaria dentist can suggest you the right kind of toothpaste based on your fluoride requirements!

How to prevent gingivitis, tooth decay or any other kind of dental issue? 
These are the most common dental complications. The best way to stay away from any such dental problems is to follow a simple yet persistent dental routine, daily. Ask your dentist for such dental hygiene tips in your next dental examination!

Find out the dentist’s area of expertise?
Dentistry is a vast field dedicated to the teeth. It encompasses a lot of things like cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, family dentistry. So, it is a good thing to understand the specialization of dentistry required for your issues. When looking for a Dentist South East London, The Mindful dentist is your one-stop solution for all dental concerns.

Last Word
For most of us, a dentist's visit is an unpleasant experience. It is one thing a lot of us try to avoid or get done with as soon as possible. But this should change. It is important for a person’s overall health, to get a bi-annual dental examination done. Take this as an opportunity to learn ways to maximize your dental health and keep your teeth and mouth in healthy shape. 

The Mindful Dentist
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