What to Expect When Getting Braces off

by Lucy Petterson The Mindful Dentist in London
Finally, the wait is over!

It has been a long journey, but you are finally there, and made it to the milestone!! So, what should you expect? Practitioners of orthodontics South East London believe that keeping patients informed is a sure shot way to achieve the best outcomes. Below information would help you get a glimpse of the process.

The removal procedure
First, the orthodontist would use a plier to gently squeeze the base of the brackets. This causes the adhesive to break and the brackets would come off. Don’t worry, it may sound scary, but it won’t hurt even a bit! After the brackets are off, there are high chances that there would be cement deposits leftover on the teeth. The dentist would then grind them off. This process is as similar as the teeth polishing process. So, you are in for a bonus - You get teeth polishing procedure without paying anything extra!  

Post removal
Next, the orthodontist would take an impression of your teeth and palate. The aim of this is to make a retainer. A retainer is a custom-made, removable device that is generally made of wires and clear plastic. The purpose of a retainer is to hold the teeth in a new position after braces have been removed. Generally, the orthodontist would suggest you to wear the retainers daily, except while eating. You will have to wear retainer for a couple of weeks or months and gradually reducing the time of wearing and finally stop using it.

On average this appointment should take about an hour.

Life post Braces

When it’s finally time for the orthodontist to take off your braces, you can take an enormous breath of relief and joy. It’s a priceless feeling, to look in the mirror and seeing that brand new smile of yours for the first time after you complete your orthodontic treatment. Whether you had opted for traditional braces or invisalign, the outcome is the same- a perfect and beautiful smile.

BUT, bidding goodbye to braces does not mean that your orthodontic journey is complete. Next, your orthodontist would guide you through the post braces care process. You would still need a few follow up appointments for the coming few weeks, to keep a tab on your dental alignment progress. This is the retention stage. It begins as soon as the primary braces or invisalign phase ends. And it is this stage that is the key to the success of the entire orthodontic process. The most important thing now to do is wear your retainers as per the advice given to you by your practitioner of orthodontics South East London to keep the progress of teeth alignment you achieved intact. Post the braces wearing stage, your teeth and jawline are not rigidly set, for almost 2 years. So, your teeth need support from retainers to keep them in place and prevent them from shifting.

Risks of not wearing your retainer as prescribed

Neglecting to wear your retainer as per the instructions given by your orthodontist, would result in your teeth drifting back into their former positions as your mouth and bones still need time to adapt and stay fixed in their new position. It would result in the requirement of further orthodontic treatment to realign them. This would mean pushing down the drain,the effort, time, money and pain you had gone through during your orthodontic treatment. It could lead you to a worse condition than you were in before you put the braces - as the tissues in your mouth are soft and may lead the bone below to shift.Also, generally, patients, receive braces during their teen years, approximately around the same time when wisdom teeth are bound to show up. An incoming wisdom tooth may cause to move your newly achieved straight teeth out of their new position.As retainers not only help to keep the teeth in the desired position but also assist to align your bones and gums with your teeth and strengthen and stabilize them.

So, don’t let all your and your Practitioner of Private Dentist Near Me hard work go waste— preserve your newly achieved perfect smile by wearing your retainer.

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