Mosquito Repellent Window & Other Useful Tips to Prevent Mosquito Bites

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Mosquitoes are the most harmful insects and as a result, millions of people suffer from malaria every year. These small creatures transmit many other diseases besides malaria which includes the Zika virus or West Nile and chikungunya. Therefore, it is important to prevent mosquito bites. It is the topmost priority for most people, especially parents as they do all it takes to safeguard their children from such harmful insect bites.

Tips to Protect from Infants and Children Most Bites

To safeguard infants and children, the way you dress them makes all the difference. Choose clothes that cover their legs and arms. Besides, cover the baby carrier or stroller with a mosquito net. Always check label instructions if you are using mosquito repellents as they may not be suitable for all age groups. Avoid direct application of these repellent creams especially on the face, cuts, or irritated skin. The best way to use these creams or sprays is to apply them to your hands before using them.

·         Mosquito Roll-Ons on Clothes

As some kids have sensitive skin, the best way to protect them from mosquitoes is to consider full-sleeved t-shirts and full pants. There are fabric roll-ons or sprays available which helps to a great extent.

·         Control Mosquitoes Indoors Through Mosquito Repellent Window

The best way is to use mosquito nets on doors and windows. A mosquito repellent window is the best option to control mosquitoes indoors. Check for any holes or damage on the nets to ensure mosquitoes don’t enter your homes especially at night. Click here to know more information on the mosquito repellents for your home.

·         Take These Steps to Prevent Mosquitoes Outdoors

You will be quite surprised to know that it takes only 14 days for mosquitoes to breed. Ensure that they don’t lay eggs in water or nearby areas. If you have an old or unused flowerpot, empty it out weekly by removing all the dust particles and get rid of water. Keep a close watch on other things that hold water like buckets, tires, trash containers, and planters. These are dangerous as mosquitoes are most attracted to stale or unclean water.

·         Protect Yourself from Mosquito Bites While You Are Asleep

The night is the time when mosquitoes mostly make their way inside bedrooms especially when you haven’t taken any precautionary measures. Switch on air conditioning if you have one or use a mosquito net for your bed. There are mosquito nets that not only protect mosquitoes from entering inside but also allow air to circulate.

·         Keep Your Home Clean

Besides the tips stated above, it is important to keep your home clean. A cleaner home has lesser mosquitoes. Focus on your kitchen area and bathrooms to ensure that there is no water stored up. Clean the floor regularly with a disinfectant solution as it prevents entry of mosquitoes. Wash your bathrooms too with disinfectants and keep the floor dry at all times. Empty your trash bin daily as it prevents food odors that attract mosquitoes. These are some of the useful tips to keep mosquitoes away from you and your children.

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