Mobile Apps—A Dire Necessity in Today’s Time!

by Reena Roy Professional writer

Mobile applications have become such an important part of our lives. From adding an alarm to wake up every morning to killing time on games, you can download any application nowadays to make your life easier. However, there was a time when apps were just a mere dream and developers could not even think of downloading files, let alone heavy applications that weighed hundreds of megabytes. The mention of applications and their concept was first introduced by the man who revolutionized the technology industry with his product innovations in various departments: Steve Jobs.

Before the iPhone’s launch in 2007, a lot of developers tried their hand in making something similar but the technology and awareness available at that time prevented them from making any major breakthrough. The pioneer in this project building Endeavour was none other IBM, who launched the first Smartphone ever in 1994. Simon, as they named it, was devoid of any type of structure similar to the App Store but had basic applications like Address Book, Calculator, Calendar, Mail, Note Pad, and Sketch Pad which wowed the audiences of that time.

Sadly, the phone’s exorbitant price and lack of marketing led to its downfall but it set the bar for other phones to improve upon. Long before sophisticated coding would lead to feature-rich phones with electronic data management systems and storage capabilities, Nokia came out with the legendary game, Snake. It was one of the first games that came pre-loaded for a mass-produced the mobile device and became an instant favorite amongst the public.

Developers kept riffing on these innovations by adding other features like the now-standard QWERTY keypad and reminders along with real-time syncing of your contacts with your e-mail IDs. Global customer support also became important for application development with call centers in Dubai, India and other such cities and countries contributing in the same.

The oncoming of the iPhone changed the definition of apps forever because it was the first time a mobile ecosystem supported third-party apps that could be downloaded separately and did not come preloaded. This gave the average individual a sense of choice that was missing in other phones. With other mobile platforms like Android and Windows also having their own app stores, the app revolution does not seem to be dying down anytime soon in the near future.

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