How To Clean Your Coffee Grinder: Step-By-Step Guide?

by Reena Roy Professional writer

Just like everything else, even coffee grinders need to be cleaned and maintained at regular intervals. As you use this grinder to grind coffee daily, it is important to make sure that the oil and particles that cling to every corner inside are cleaned to improve the performance of your coffee grinder. If cleaned often, a coffee grinder can go on for a long time without any problems.

Here are some ways in which you can clean your coffee grinder:

1.       Blade Grinders

Mechanism: In a blade grinder, there is a motor which rotates two or three blades in a defined space, thus crushing everything you put in it. Even though they are mostly recommended for grounding spices than coffee, many people use these grinders to grind their favorite coffee as well. The guide to clean a blade grinder is:

·         Add around one-fourth cup of uncooked and dry rice to the grinder.

·         Start the grinder and grind the rice till it turns into a fine powder.

·         Once it is powdered, throw the rice.

·       This way the rice has cleaned the grinder and now you can unplug it and wipe the inside with a damp towel.

·         Repeat this process whenever you think the grinder needs to be cleaned or begins giving out a foul smell caused by the oils produced by coffee.

2.       Burr Grinders

A more complex mechanism than a blade grinder, a burr grinder uses an adjustable fixture with an inner and outer burr to treat the coffee. According to the size of the grind you want, you can move the inner burr closer or further from the outer one. It is important to note that burr grinders provide a more consistent size when it comes to grinding, thus leading to a controlled brew process.

Every type of coffee grinder has its own specific cleaning process. However, the basic process remains the same-

·         Begin with disassembling the grinder. As most burr grinders hold coffee beans in a hopper, make sure you remove it and wash it along with the lid, manually.

·         Once the hopper is removed, you should run the grinder for a few seconds so that all the remaining coffee from the burrs can be removed.

·         Then, unplug the grinder.  After that, remove any plastic or rubber parts that are in contact with the coffee beans and manually wash them.

·         Once the washing is done, make sure you use a dry cloth to wipe the inner and outer burrs so that any leftover oils can be removed. However, do not wash the burrs with water.

If you do not want to clean your coffee grinders manually, you can always purchase tablets for this exact purpose. These tablets can make any coffee particle left behind look like loosened particles. One way to use these tablets is by pouring the recommended and required amount of the cleaning tablets in the hopper and keep the grinder going till the tablets have not run throughout the machine. Once that is done, you can also take around 1 ounce of coffee grounds and check it out. It is important to discard the coffee grounds and tablet residue and rinse out the coffee-bin.

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