Medications & Exercises to Get Relief from Sciatica Pain

by Rahul Pandya Executive
The sciatica nerve comes from both the sides of the lower spine and travels all the way through the buttocks and pelvis. The nerve then passes through the back of both the legs and further gets divided into branches at the knees. Anything that exerts pressure on this nerve or irritates it can lead to a sharp pain in the back of the thighs as well as the buttocks. The amount of pain can range from a mild ache to an extreme discomfort in the lower back, thighs and in the buttocks. In worst case scenarios, it may also lead to weakness and numbness in the lower body parts.According to the pain management doctors in Ahmedabad, the main causes of the sciatica pain are a ruptured disk, a back injury or spinal stenosis.

How to Get Relief from Sciatica Pain?

There are 2 ways by which a patient can get relief from Sciatica pain- medication and exercises. Let’s have a look at the medications and exercises that can help the sciatica pain patients.


Some of the oral medications that can be administered for sciatic pain are-

•    Pain relievers such as Aspirin, Acetaminophen, Advil, Motrin, etc.
•    Antidepressants if there is persistent chronic pain in the lower back
•    Muscle relaxant meds for easing muscle spasms

Caution: Aspirin should not be given to children of age 18 years or less as it may lead to an increased risk of Reye’s syndrome.


According to the experts, the most problematic areasare the lower body parts like back and hip and stretches are way effective in providing a lot of relief from the sciatic pain. Below-mentioned are the 6 stretches that you can do-

•    Reclining Pigeon Pose

Pigeon pose is one of the common yoga poses that helps in opening the hip area. While there are various versions of this yoga pose, the starting version is known as the reclining pigeon pose. In the starting, you should start with this yoga position.

•    Sitting Pigeon Pose

This pigeon pose is done whilst sitting and stretching the legs in front of you. The sitting position allows you to control how deep you want the pose to last.

•    Forward Pigeon Pose

In this position, you need to kneel on all your fours and move your right leg in front of your body. In addition to this, you need to support your body with your arms.

•    Knee to Opposite Shoulder

This stretch will help you in getting relief from sciatica pain as it loosens the piriformis muscles, which due to sciatic nerve can get inflamed and get press against it.

•    Sitting Spinal Stretch

Sciatica pain becomes worse when the vertebrae of the spine compresses. With the help of this stretch, you can create a gap in the spine and this helps in relieving the pressure on the nerve.

•    Standing Hamstring Stretch

Sciatica can cause tightness and pain in the hamstring and this exercise can ease that pain.

Before doing any of the stretches mentioned in the above section, it is strongly advised to take assistance from an expert as even a little sprain can lead to major issues. To know more about the medications and exercise for sciatica pain, you can consult the doctors in Impulse Pain, pain management clinic in Ahmedabad.

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