Low Back Pain: Causes and Treatments

by Rahul Pandya Executive
More than seventy percent of adults experience some level of low back pain during their lifetime — that is why many clinics are offering lower back pain treatment in Ahmedabad.

Low back pain usually occurs due to spasm of the supportive muscles that are present around the spine. Additionally, pain, numbness, and tingling in the lower part of the body are also mostly related to the back.

Causes of Back Pain

There are a number of things that can cause low back pain. Following are the most common causes of it: 

Poor Posture: Poor postural alignment can lead to fatigue in muscles, stress in the vertebral disc and compression in joints. Sitting in slouching position or sitting hunched are the most frequent causes of poor postural alignment. The continuous caused by this can lead to an imbalance in the muscles like weakness or tightness which causes pain sensation.

Ligament sprain: Ligaments in the back join the spinal vertebrae and give stability to the lower portion of the back. These ligaments can get damaged when subjected to a sudden and forceful movement or by prolonged stress on the back.
Muscle strain: The muscles present in the lower back give our body the strength and mobility to conduct the daily activities in our life. The back muscle gets strained due to over-work or weakness due to lack of essential nutrients.

Aging: As we age through life, the wear and tear caused by our daily movements can cause degenerative effects to the vertebral disc and facet joints in the spine. Also, with age, the bone density, elasticity and strength of muscles and ligaments gradually decrease. It can be further compounded by lack of exercise, movement, imbalanced diet and bad habits like smoking and excessive drinking.

Herniated Disc or Disc Bulge: With age, the water content in the vertebral discs reduces making it less flexible. Due to this they begin to shrink and narrow the space between vertebrae. A traumatic accident like falling can also cause a herniated disc that causes pressure on a nerve leading to pain radiation in the back and leg.

Lower back pain can also be caused due to diseases like cancer, ovarian problems, kidney infection, etc.

Treatment for low back pain

Consider following these home treatments or visit a nearby spine doctor for getting the back pain treatment.

Rest: Restraining from stressful activities helps to relieve pain. It's also important to avoid lifting heavy weights, twisting, bending or prolonged sitting.

Ice-pack: Applying ice on the lower back at regular intervals helps in reducing pain, inflammation and muscle spasm.

Anti-Inflammatory Medications: Doctors usually prescribe anti-inflammatory medicines such as aspirin to patients suffering from low back pain.

Exercising: Light exercises as suggested by physiotherapy for stretching and mobility help in reducing the pain intensity as well as its frequency.

Surgery: In cases where the injury to the back is, and other methods have none or less effect, patients might have to go spinal surgery.

Improving Posture and Positioning: Modifying the sleeping position can help relieve lower back pain. Sleeping on a firm bed and using a soft pillow can help to align the back correctly.

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