Marcus Debaise Offers Best Tips to Recover World Economy amid COVID-19

by Simon Morris I am a freelance writer.

With the corona pandemic creating mayhem, the US and other national governments are working to build a wider, flexible economy, and for this, business finance must take a prominent place on the global program.

According to an article published on, The US and the European nations may see growth at a slow place initially, but contract significantly later. So you need remedies to recover the global economy.

The pandemic or crisis has made things extremely challenging for all countries, businesses, and of course economies, the effect of which left no country unharmed. Even though the entire world is gasping for breath after the corona outbreak and its impact on trade, it does not imply there is no solution to recover the global economy. Here is how:

Marcus Debaise talks about harmony

The ideal way to cut back the epidemic’s grave impact is by accord or synchronization. The countries should protect their people, and so, individual governments must join hands to create effectual, doable solutions that benefit all citizens. It is the time let go of all our differences and bigotries to brave the epidemic so that citizens and the global economy is safe.

The first thing to do is to eliminate protectionist taxes as well as other business hurdles. It is also important to make certain that essential items such as foods, medical equipment and supplies, and other essentials reach the citizens when they want it the most, and in places where edibles are required fast. Marcus Debaise reminds us that we all are unsafe and therefore must practice harmony and help each other at this crisis hour.

Protection of jobs

No matter what damage the corona crisis has created, national governments should walk the extra mile to protect peoples’ jobs, income, and living. Small and medium-sized businesses are at greater risk so that people can save their employment. The reason is small-scale businesses contribute to a major share of job prospects in countries. Moreover, these small firms provide goods, services, and merchandise for daily use.

The national governments need to ensure that any provisional lockdown does not result in permanent harm to small and medium-sized firms, structurally. Therefore, every government must protect SMEs during and after the pandemic.

Companies should switch to business-as-usual mode even when they are operating with minimum staff members. Shutting down a business is not the solution to any problem.

Work as a team

Amid the pandemic, all businesses and economies need to work in collaboration to rebound from the harm done due to lockdowns and social distancing protocols. The restriction of movement throughout the globe has resulted in plummeting business revenues and bottom lines. That is why trader centers and companies should function with reduced staff to ensure business-as-usual.

Opening businesses will result in sales and help in growth and recovery from delayed payments, postponements, and order termination. No country or economy can battle the aftermath of the pandemic alone but should fight it as a team.


These are the tips nations should use to bounce back the economy of the world. It will take some time, but not impossible.

 Author Bio: Marcus Joseph DeBaise is an Ellington, CT based entrepreneur. Currently, he is the Controller of Roberts Chrysler. Never one to believe in the status quo, he’s constantly thinking of new ideas and rehashing old ones.

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