Managing proteinuria with a diet and Ayurvedic treatment for proteinuria

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Proteinuria is a disease that is characterized by the presence of protein in the urine. Proteins are necessary for carrying out various functions in the body but losing them through the urine indicates there is something wrong with your kidney. Losing protein beings so many complications in the body and hence you need a renal diet plan and ayurvedic treatment for proteinuria to prevent the complications.



We all know that protein is found in the blood and does so many important jobs in the body. The main protein that is found in the blood is albumin. Albumin helps to build bones and muscles, prevent infection, and maintain the amount of fluids in the body.

Leaking protein in your urine is a sign that your kidneys are not working healthily as they should. Healthy kidneys allow only toxins and waste to be eliminated from the body but when their filtering units called glomeruli do not function properly even the most important nutrients get missed out from the blood. Ayurvedic treatment for proteinuria is helpful to prevent albumin from leaking out through the blood.

Who is at risk of proteinuria?

Having protein in the urine can also be a sign of nephrotic syndrome or an initial stage of chronic kidney disease. Therefore, it is imperative to know if you are at the risk of proteinuria. Those who are more prone to albuminuria have:

  • ·         Diabetes
  • ·         High blood pressure
  • ·         A family history of kidney disease
  • ·         Age above 60 or more
  • ·         Obesity and related issues
  • ·         Consume over the counter medications
  • ·         Already have kidney related issues

How will you diagnose proteinuria?

When your kidneys start to have a problem and there is less protein in the urine, you will not observe any changes in the body but as you progress to late stages, you will notice:

  • ·         Foamy or fizzy urine that looks like a scrambled egg
  • ·         Swelling in the hands, face, legs, and ankles because of fluid retention
  • ·         Difficulty concentrating
  • ·         Loss of appetite
  • ·         Anemia

The only way to know you have proteinuria is to diagnose it through a urine test. The test measures the amount of albumin in your urine with respect to creatinine. This ratio is called albumin to creatinine ratio (UACR). UACR more than 30 mg/g is a sign of unhealthy kidney.

Managing proteinuria with a healthy diet

Proteinuria is not a disease but a disorder hence the underlying treatment includes preventing the kidney from losing its health. This can be done with the help of ayurvedic treatment for proteinuria and following a renal diet so that your kidneys do not have any difficulty eliminating toxins. Here is a health guide for managing proteinuria:

  • ·         Including table salt in your diet will pressurize them so should be avoided
  • ·         Quit smoking if you are habitual to it
  • ·         Maintain adequate blood sugar and blood pressure level
  • ·         Practice yoga for at least 30 minutes daily
  • ·         Stay hydrated
  • ·         Consume more red meat as it is easily digestible
  • ·         Use more herbs and spices
  • ·         Eat fresh fruits and vegetables only after soaking them

Ayurvedic treatment for proteinuria

Ayurveda is an ancient science that has a number of herbs to improve the functioning of the kidney in a natural way. If you have proteinuria because of some health conditions, then ayurvedic treatment will work on improving that condition. Similarly, if the glomeruli units of kidneys are damaged, the ayurvedic treatment will work on it. In this way, you can assure of the elimination of the condition from your life as the underlying causes are worked upon.

The herbal extracts in the treatment are profoundly used to improve the health of the diseased kidney. This is the reason why patients switch to ayurvedic treatment for proteinuria because the treatment helps to rejuvenate the damaged cells, unlike allopathic treatment which prevents the symptom from the body.

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