Maintenance Suggestions to Maintain Your Scooter in Top Shape

by Ravi Singh Rana Digital Marketer

Routine servicing and care will keep your scooter such as the Ray ZR StreetRally functioning properly for a longer period. It is essential to maintain your scooter to get the most out of it. Preventative upkeep is a sure-fire technique to extend the service life of your scooter. Do you want to know how to keep your scooter in the finest feasible condition? Below are some scooter upkeep suggestions to help you maintain your two-wheeler in good working order.

1. Maintain a clean environment.

Dust and dirt may sneak inside the wiring of your scooter and cause it to malfunction. To prevent this, ensure that your two-surface wheelers such as the Ray ZR Street Rally 125 FI are carefully cleaned once a week. When rinsing the exterior of your scooter with water, protect the starter motor, silencer, and H.T. Coil with something like a sheet of plastic. Upon having to clean your scooter, ensure to place it in a shady area away from direct light from the sun to prevent the hue from fading.

2. Inspect your tyres continuously.

Ensuring that your scooter's tyres are properly inflated and free of scratches or tiny cuts is an important element of maintaining it in good condition. Keep the tyre pressure to the standards of the company. Also, if you notice your scooter's wheel balance or alignment is incorrect, take it to a service department right away.

3. Examine the oil in the engine.

It's no mystery that engine oil is essential for your scooter's efficient running. Monitor your engine oil changes at a regular interval to ensure that you are not running low. Furthermore, stay updated for leaks and don't ride your scooter on contaminated oil. Keep in mind that not changing your engine's oil might cause carbon deposits, which slow down the engine's internal operations.

4. Have it serviced on a constant schedule.

Getting your scooter maintained on a constant schedule is a great way to keep it in good shape. It will be preferable if you had it serviced by an authorised dealer. If that isn't feasible, only trust a third party with it. Cleaning the carburettor and spark plug on your two-wheeler is important. Think about getting your two-wheeler serviced as soon as possible if it has travelled more than 1000 kilometres.

5. Keep the battery charged.

Consider your scooter's battery to be its beating heart; without it, the engine would not start. As a result, periodic battery repair on your scooter is always a smart idea. If you see any corrosion, build-up, or leaking, send it in as quickly as feasible for fixes or substitution. Keep in mind that if you end up leaving your scooter unattended for long periods, the battery will release much quicker than it would normally.

6. Change the oil

Changing the oil at regular intervals to ensure you have a better riding experience. It should be done during the first 300–500 miles for newer scooters, and then once every 1000 miles after that. Choose a top grade oil that is suitable for your scooter.

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