Lovegra Tablets Heighten the Lust in Ladies for the Longest

by Alice Jones Business Expert

For decades, huge amounts of research and money went into the development of effective medications for men to counter their impotency issues. From erectile dysfunction to premature ejaculation, men have had almost all sexual dysfunctions acknowledged and absolved by the medical world. A woman, however, was left out of the equation for far too long.

Woman love having sex. Just as much as men do. Therefore, it seems almost unreal that it took modern society as long as it did to give woman’s sexual needs the necessary attention that they deserved. Initially, women were told to use Viagra, the brand name for the initial anti-ED product released for the use of men suffering from a lack of blood flow to their penises.

While the scientific reasoning behind this was not too far off, there was still no women's Viagra in the UK. The scientific argument behind the recommendation of Viagra for the treatment of female sexual dysfunction (FSD) was that it helped increase blood flow to the pelvic area which boosted a woman’s ability to achieve arousal.

lovegra tbalets

This fact is true yet it remains absolute that women and men are built differently with different sexual organs and women wanted a specific medication designed for them to help treat their symptoms of FSD. Lovegra tablets were designed and marketed by Ajanta Pharma, a pharmacy that was established in 1977. These tablets were released a few years ago and have revolutionized the sex-lives of ladies.

This medication has undoubtedly and irrevocably changed the lives of millions of women everywhere and finally, women have a fast-acting remedy for their symptoms of FSD.

What Are the Causes Of FSD in Women?

A dying sex drive can be a multi-faceted issue for most women. A study conducted by the NHA (National Health Administration) in the UK brought out revealing statistics as to how most women are battling with flailing sex drives by the age of 50. In fact, according to the study, a huge 70% of women were experiencing radical decreases in their libidos at the halfway mark in their lives.

This is why women Viagra in the UK such as Lovegra tablets is seen as such a wonderful and necessary salvation. Women experience a natural process known as menopause. This is their bodies way of signaling to them that their ability to menstruate is coming to end and thus their ability to give birth too. During this time, they experience very intensive hormonal changes. This often leads to FSD.

The symptoms of FSD are very often psychological or social in a woman. Untreated anxiety and depression (especially post-natal depression which is depression experienced after pregnancy) can lead to a woman experienced severely lowered sex drives. There is now women Viagra in the UK that is effectively combatting these natural, unwanted states of mind in ladies known as Lovegra tablets.

How Does Woman's Viagra in the UK Work?

If you are going to use woman's Viagra in the UK, then your best bet is to purchase the renowned Lovegra tablets. Much akin to Viagra, these tablets contain 100 mg of the active ingredient sildenafil citrate. Lovegra tablets have been scientifically shown to produce effects in women such as increased clitoral sensitivity and vaginal lubrication by pumping more blood to the pelvic region.

Women Can Shop Online for Lovegra Tablets

Visit our highly reputable online pharmacy for easy and anonymous access to the best generic woman's Viagra in the UK. We have caring and attentive staff members available for queries and concerns at all times and deliver speedily and discreetly all over the UK and EU.

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