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In Indian culture, especially in Hindu weddings, finding the right partner by matching the Kundlis (birth charts) or Kundli Milan of the prospective bride and groom is a norm. The Kundli Milan is done to ascertain how many of the gunas match between the prospective couple. If you are looking to get a Kundli Milan done, the right thing to do is get in touch with an Best astrologer in Bhubaneswar. An astrologer in indore can easily analyse the Kundlis of the prospective couple and tell whether they are a suitable match or not. 

Among the eight ‘kootas’ matched during the Kundli Milan, Bhakoot is an important category. Let’s read further to know more.

Bhakoot Dosha- What is It?

In ‘Ashtakoota’ Milan, 8 kootas are taken into consideration. Every koota is given a point or guna, which sums up to 36 gunas. At least 18 out of 36 gunas need to match in a Kundli Milan for a couple to be declared suitable for marriage. Bhakoot is one of the 8 kootas that plays a crucial role during marriage horoscope matching. Bhakoot guna consists of 7 points, which is the second-highest score in the Ashtakoota Milan, which is why Bhakoot is the second most important category, after Nadi. Different points are assigned based on how the Bhakoots of the prospective bride and groom match with each other. In Bhakoot matching, the points are allotted based on the moon sign of the bride and groom. Bhakoot helps assess the wealth and health quotient of the prospective couple after marriage.

Bhakoot means your Moon sign. Astrologers refer to a Bhakoot Guna table to match the kundlis of the prospective couple. As per Guna Milan's rules, if the Bhakoots of the bride and groom make a combination of 2-12, 5-9, or 6-8, Bhakoot Dosh is formed, which is deemed to be harmful to marriages. As Bhakoot Dosha is being formed, 0 out of 7 points are assigned. If the prospective couple has combinations like 1-1, 4-10, 1-7, 3-11, or anything apart from 2-12, 5-9, or 6-8, their score will be 7 out of 7. The numbers mentioned in the combinations are calculated based on the distance of the Moon signs of the bride and groom with respect to each other.

Effects of Bhakoot Dosha

Bhakoot Dosha can create many problems and disrupt the harmony in your marriage, depending on its type. An unresolved Bhakoot Dosha can cause many ill-effects in the lives of the married couple. Different types of Bhakoot Dosha can lead to unhappiness in one or more aspects of life. Depending on the type, you can face a multitude of health problems and financial problems. This can spill over to your relationship and cause further restlessness, tension, and agitation. There are also high chances of physical incompatibility between the couple, leading to an unhappy marriage.

The Bhakoot Dosha of 6-8 can be very harmful to the married couple's health. Moreover, the chances of separation are also very strong. Bhakoot Dosha can also cause compatibility issues with the partner, separation, divorce, among other things. The Bhakoot Dosha of 9-5 causes progeny issues. It can also cause significant relationship problems between the partners. The Bhakoot dosh of 12-2 can bring financial difficulties in your marriage. There could be a job loss, or the husband and the wife might live separately due to job-related issues. Additionally, it could also cause health complications. In some worst-case scenarios, other than the Bhakoot Dosha, if there are other malefic aspects in the birth chart, it can lead to the death of one of the partners. There are also chances of huge disagreements and fights that can lead to a divorce or mutual separation. As there are so many ill-effects of Bhakoot Dosha, the cancellation of the Bhakoot Dosha becomes crucial for a successful marriage.


The malefic and ill-effects of Bhakoot Dosha depends on many factors like the zodiac sign and the horoscope of the two individuals. However, the Dosha can be cancelled out. For instance, if the ruling planet of the zodiac sign is the same for the two parties, the Dosha will get cancelled out. In some cases, if the Dosha cannot be cancelled out completely, it can still be reduced. In Vedic astrology, many astrological remedies can cancel out or reduce the effects of Bhakoot Dosha.

Performing pujas is one of the best ways to reduce the influence of Bhakoot Dosha. However, remember to get a puja done under the proper guidance and supervision of an experienced astrologer. Various yantras and gemstones can also prove to be beneficial. However, you should know that gemstones are prescribed based on your horoscope and zodiac. This is why the gemstones should only be worn as advised by an expert astrologer, as the wrong gemstone could bring harmful results.

The right remedy is needed to remove Bhakoot Dosha, but one shouldn't implement a remedy independently. This is because Bhakoot Dosha is a crucial matter which should only be handled by a knowledgeable astrologer. Moreover, Bhakoot Dosha’s implications are different for different horoscopes depending on the planetary status. This is why you should approach the best astrologer in Bhubaneswar who can analyse the birth charts and prescribe a suitable remedy to the situation.
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