The Meaning and Importance of Muhurata in Astrology

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It’s true TIME has the potential to make a person either strong or weak. When time changes, in astrological terms of the Dasha or Transits changes, things change for better or worse. An individual's present actions and choices will make his or her future. The right decisions in life combined with Muhurata or an auspicious time lead to optimal results. In Vedic astrology, there is a need to carry out any task at an auspicious time called Muhurata or Shubh Muhurata to commence or accomplish a task or venture. 

Any work started in an auspicious Muhurata ensures its smooth functioning without any obstacles. It is common in Hinduism to consult an astrologer for auspicious Muhurata. People seek guidance on Muhurata for various significant occasions and events such as marriage, housewarming, construction of a house, buying a property, education, start of a new business venture, childbirth, and so much more. 

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Relationship between Muhurata and Kundli

Your Janam Kundli or birth chart has an important role to play in determining a Muhurata. An individual is born with his or her own fate, which is represented in the birth chart. A person cannot change his birth time to have a better future prospect, but he can perform a task in an auspicious Muhurta to achieve success and prosperity. Vedic astrology tells that a person must carry out tasks in auspicious Muhurata based on the planetary Dasha and transit to save themselves from inauspicious Dosha in their Kundli.

The Significance and Importance of Muhurta

The fundamental bases of any Muhurata are date, Nakshatra, Moon's position, planetary position, and Yogini Dasha. Muhurata is a typical combination of planetary bodies, which has a favourable effect on human beings. Actions or Karma done during an auspicious time or Muhurata get the best outcome. Any work started in a Shubh Muhurta or auspicious time is considered to bring good results. It's always best advised to seek guidance from an experienced astrologer in Coimbatore or any other city to get deep insights into Muhurata based on your birth chart.

Astrology considers that while determining the Muhurata, it is crucial to study the combinations of a weekday with the Lagna (Ascendant) and Nakshatra. Muhurata derived from an auspicious Nakshatra is appropriate for carrying out a good task or activity. Fair attention is also given to the status of Lagna in a chart to judge a Muhurata. 

The basics of Muhurata

The mention of the term Muhurta appears as early as Rig Veda, composed during 1500 BCE. Muhurta is a Vedic unit of measurement for time based on the Hindu calendar. It is a division of time, approximately 48 minutes, one-thirtieth of a day. That means the 24 hours in a day are divided into 30 muhurtas. 

This way

1 Day = 24 hours (60 Ghati)

And 1 Day is also = 30 muhurata

Therefore 30 muhurata = 24 hours 

In conclusion, an age-old saying goes- things done at the right time will yield the right results. That's why a new venture or any important task that is started based on the auspicious Muhurata increases the success rate. Therefore, astrology emphasises the importance of Muhurata to carry out any important work. And to tell you the best and appropriate Muhurata, you should seek advice from an expert like an astrologer in Coimbatore.

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