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You often have used tissue papers on the restaurant tables. Some of you use it regularly at home or in the bathroom as toilet rolls. Though we mostly use white tissue papers but this fragile paper is also available in different colors to be used in multiple operations such as making paper crafts, collages, gift bags, and in painting. White or colorful tissue papers make good giant pom-poms to be used in party decorations.

Properties of tissue papers:
• Tissue papers are made with paper pulps and can be recycled again and again.
• It is lightweight.
• It makes a good absorbent.
• Thickness can be varied as there are some tissue papers which are thicker than others.
• Bright colors are available
• Comfortable
• Sober and hygienic appearance

Applications of colored tissue papers:
1. Hygienic tissue paper: Hygienic tissue papers are commonly known as wet facial tissues or baby wipes. Papers have been used for serving hygiene purposes for centuries long. But tissue papers are not so old in this application. It came into scene at the end of the 1940s and became popular after 20 years to that.
2. Facial tissues: Paper handkerchiefs may be dry or wet but it is soft, disposable and absorbent tissue paper that is perfect for wiping face skin. In the 1920s, facial tissues were invented and got refined to its best form today. It is strong and soft but retains its basic design from the start. Medicated facial tissues can clean the spectacles.
3. Paper towels: Paper towels are hugely supplied by the colored tissue paper suppliers in Telangana. It’s because of the havoc demand of paper towels by the consumers. Basically, these are two-ply. These are prepared using 100% recycled fiber or chemical pulp or both.
4. Wrapping tissue: Wrapping tissues are translucent and thin tissue paper which is hugely used for wrapping fragile products and articles. Today customized prints are also available on these tissue papers. In fact, they are in trend, especially for the retail business. Such printed wrapping tissues use acid-free and FSC-certified papers and soy-based inks.
5. Toilet tissue: The use of toilet paper rolls is into action from the last of 19th century. Previously they were used in western countries only but slowly it spread popularity across the world.
6. Table napkins: Table napkins can be of many types and one of those varieties is tissue paper. A range of sizes, qualities, patterns, folds, and colors can be used according to the fashion demand. And, one-four plies can be used.
7. Packing industry: Except for the above types of tissue papers, a range of others can be produced to be used in the packing industry. Various colored tissue papers are used for wrapping or packing fragile goods, stuffing in the new bags or shoes to hold the shape intact, inserting inside the new garments for offering good fold, etc.
Hence, the colored tissue paper suppliers in Telangana offer tissue paper rolls in bulk to the industry at affordable rates.

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