Latest Spa Session Trends In 2020

by Nishant Gujjar SEO Executive

There are no words to describe what a day with an excellent spa feels like. Spas aim to revitalize and rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul. Since ages, the method of the spa has been in continuous use for the therapeutic healing for mind and soul both. The term modern spa comprises of newer technologies with age-old techniques of therapeutic treatment. If you are visiting the spa for the first time, you should be aware of the many professional services available. Though spas now are not just limited to some ancient therapies but also include different treatments along with the therapies. Though all the spa treatments provide a relaxing and authentic experience, you should know what is best for you. 

Different Types of Spas

Day Spa


Day spas are the best when you want to have a relaxing session alone as you have been grinding up on yourself for quite long, having a busy week, or already had one. The spas often offer their customers a list of menus, and they can choose any. Still, mainly the services for a day spas are hydrotherapy treatment consisting of massages, facials, body wraps, hand and foot treatments, and hair treatments. Through day spas, you can have a quick relaxing session that revitalizes your body.

Cruise Ship Spas


Cruise ship spas are by far the most expensive type of spa. It provides professional massagers, and have administered spa services along with different wellness programs. Such spa experience will be heavy on your pockets for obvious reasons as you get a great view of ocean waves while singing a beautiful song to you.

Destination Spas

Destination Spa

Destination spa facility is something that you receive when you are out on vacation. The hotel you stay in provides you with this facility so that you can indulge in a quick relaxing, and rejuvenating session.

Fitness Club/Spa


These type of spas focus mainly on providing the services which would lead to a healthier lifestyle. Along with getting fit and losing weight, you can also expect services like massages and body wraps to relax. Fitness spas have become a thing in this age of growing trends.

Mobile Home Spa


 We can refer to mobile spas as home spas because, in this type of spa, the therapist comes to your doorstep with all the required equipment for the spa session. Many people prefer this type of spa as they can relax in the comfortable space of their own house and don’t have to step out for a rejuvenating session.

Eco spa


As the name suggests, this type of spa is eco-friendly and uses natural remedies and environment-friendly techniques to give your body and mind relaxing experience. Not only their method or products are eco friendly, but these types of spas also set a recreational environment for their customers complimenting nature.

Medical Spa


Medical spas have a wide range of services including, dermatology treatment, laser treatment, hair removal treatment, and a lot more. This type of spa includes medical therapy and ancient therapies to detox the customer’s mind and body.

Apart from these, the most popular types of spas that help you have your own time while getting a therapeutic session, a lot of spas focus mainly on one particular kind of service. The stress management spas that focus on how to manage your stress or spiritual spas that focus on maintaining peace of body and soul through the medium of self-introspection and meditation.

 Spa Etiquettes- Your Personal Guide

There are certain etiquettes you need to follow when you are going out for specific services, and there is nothing different with spa services. The list below talks about certain things you should keep in mind while choosing a spa service.

Cancellation or Appointment Changes

If you think that you will not be able to make it to your spa at the appointed time or will not be able to make it at all, it is always advisable to reschedule or cancel your appointment at least 24hours before. The spa can appoint someone else in your place, so it always right to inform the spa instead of keeping them waiting.


You can always arrive 15-20 minutes before your appointed time as a common courtesy. This will help the staff set up the session for you and give you enough time to change and get ready for the session.

Avoid Walk-Ins

 Not all spas accommodate the facility of walk-ins, and even if some do, then you are likely to wait for hours before having your therapeutic session. So to avoid these late hours waiting, you should always book your sessions beforehand.

Avoid eating before the session

 A spa session is meant to be a relaxing session for you, so to have one, you should always avoid eating before your session so that you can have a peaceful session. Many therapeutic sessions involve acupressure techniques, so it is advisable to eat less or nothing before. 


It is always advisable to show gratitude towards the therapist if you are happy with the services. This does not include in your bill. 

Do not over-communicate

 We know that it is your spa session, but we are sure that you do not want to spoil one. Yes, communication is the key, but not during your spa sessions. You should always let your therapist know the kind of service you are looking forward to, but during the session, let the therapist do their work and have faith in them.

Steps to Choose a Spa


Once you know all the spa types and have a basic idea of the spa visits, it is time for you to choose the spa that you will visit. The list below mentions some points that you should keep in mind while selecting a spa for yourself.

Location and Climate

You do not want to travel miles to get your spa session done and then drive back after a relaxing session. We advise you to choose a sap service that is near to your location. While checking out the location, you can also look for the following things:

  • Learn about the staff
  • Know the duration they have been in the business
  • Check out the spa reviews

Spa Services

Always look for the variety of services they provide and check whether they provide the services you desire or not. It would be best if you always eliminate the spas that do not have basic services that are an essential part of the session.


Before making an appointment with the spa, always check the service cost. Make sure it is within your budget.

Spa Visit

If you are someone who lives nearby to the spa that you have selected, always make sure to visit the spa and check for yourself the staff, the facilities, and the environment of the spa.

Check for the License and Continued education

You do not want your body to be treated by someone who does not qualify in the field. So it is always advisable to check the license and continual education of the therapist about the upcoming latest techniques that they are going to use in the session.

Cleanliness and Sanitation

A spa is a place where you can expect a very high standard of cleanliness. During the process, everything that is being used on you should be clean and well sanitized.

Know about the Spa

You cannot take risks with your body, so it is always advisable to know about the spa that you are going to visit. Not knowing about your spa can lead yo various outcomes.


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