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Important SEO tips for 2020 you need to know

latest seo tips for 2020

Every day we are experiencing change in digital market. There are so many new methods and evolving technologies which are leaving a big impact on digital market place. Change is the only thing which is permanent when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We cannot rely on old techniques and methods. We have to learn new things every day to perform well and set up the goals to achieve more.

Few years ago, there were lesser tools and methods available and the technology was limited. It was little easier for a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategist to rank a website. But in recent few years, everything is changed. Search Engines became more smart and using more and more technologies to provide quality search results to users. Every year we see major changes in algorithm of search engines. Digital market turned into a competitive market where SEO experts need skills in different SEO methods and evolving SEO technologies.

In this article we will learn about important SEO tips for 2020. New Year is about to come and we should be prepared for upcoming year. As we all know that SEO trends are not constant. To perform well, we should have good knowledge about upcoming SEO trends so that we could create SEO strategies for future.  You have to plan about future success and think outside the box. Take your thinking to beyond the boundaries and understand the future of SEO. We need to think like a machine, understand users, and deliver the best experience in web marketing and brand marketing.

There are different search engines and the competition is getting high. Most of the countries in the world don’t have their own search engine and they rely on Google. But the trend is changing now. Google is facing competition with Baidu, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, AOL, and DuckDuckGo. Google is dominating in most of the places but the competition is also growing. Google is most successful search engine because of its quality and use of technologies. Google keeps the trends and need of users in mind and update the algorithm accordingly. We are in last month of 2019 and soon we will celebrate New Year 2020. As soon as we land in 2020, it’s our responsibility to be prepared for upcoming SEO trends.

Let’s get into the SEO tips for 2020 and understand what needs to be prepared.

Future of SEO

Future of SEO is going to have different technologies and AI (Artificial Intelligence) is going to play a major role in it. Artificial Intelligence is going to be the future of SEO. Every search engine is working to provide quality results to users. And very soon they are going to use Artificial Intelligence for maintaining the quality of searches. Almost every search engine including Google is implementing Artificial Intelligence and understanding human behaviour so that it could provide better search results.

Future SEO Technologies

I remember the days when Artificial Intelligence was considered as fiction and people used to believe that there’s no use of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Market. But in recent few years, the trend has changed completely. If we talk about future SEO technologies, Artificial Intelligence is not the only tech which brings a change in Digital market. Given below are few more examples of Future SEO Technologies.

  • ·         Virtual Assistants such as Alexa, Siri and Cortana
  • ·         Speakable Structured Data (Speakable Schema)
  • ·         Mobile Voice Searches

Searches are not limited to devices or search platforms. Now users are getting different platforms and technologies to conduct searches. Being a digital marketer myself, I keep an eye on every technology which could bring a change in Digital market. From my personal experience and analysis, I could say that virtual assistants are going to play a major role to understand people’s search behaviour to improve quality of search results. Now let’s move on to SEO tips for upcoming year.

SEO Tips for 2020

Mobile voice searches, Speakable Structured data and Virtual Assistants are signalling towards the importance of mobile searches. Numbers of mobile users are increasing every day. Mobile searches took over desktop searches back in May2015. In order to achieve better SEO results in 2020, we need to focus on mobile technologies.

Work on Business listings

Since the mobile users are growing, business owners are required to work on their business listings and provide sufficient information for users. Using features such as:

  • ·         Request a quote button
  • ·         Product listing on Google My Business Listing
  • ·         Services listing on Google Business listing Page
  • ·         Work on Reviews and Ratings
  • ·         Adding Virtual Tours
  • ·         Using Exact Location Markup
  • ·         Provide Sufficient business information

Request a Quote

It is a feature for mobile users while checking business listing. If you have enabled this feature, users can directly message you for free. Here is how to enable messaging.

  • 1.       Open the Google My Business app
  • 2.       Open the location you’d like to manage
  • 3.       Tap Customers
  • 4.       Tap Messages
  • 5.       Tap Turn on Messaging

Product Listing on Google My Business

You could list all of your products on Google my business listing and let the users explore products at the very first interaction. In order to list your product you could visit and choose the business listing (Location).

Choose products from left hand side menu and add details. Refer the Screenshot Below

Services Listing on Google My Business

Just like the products, business owners could add the services in Google My Business listing. Given below are the steps to do it.

·         Login to Google My business.

·         Choose the location you want to manage.

·         Click on Services.

·         Add Services.

·         Given below is the screenshot which you can refer.

Content is always king

Unique and original content is always important. Every search engine prefers original content. Business owners need to generate original content to get better SEO results. In my previous article I have explained how to write SEO friendly Content if you go through the article you will get to know the importance of content and steps to write SEO friendly content for your business. Never compromise the quality of content for quantity. Rely on quality for long term results. SEO trend for 2020 might change but if you have maintained the quality of content, you will keep on getting positive results.


Testing and implementing latest technologies in SEO process will help you to perform better in upcoming year 2020. Understand the use of technology in Digital Market and implement in your business and marketing strategy for better results.

Hope these important SEO Tips for 2020 would help you to perform well.

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