Latest Hairstyle Trends For Men in 2020

by Elizendi Cruz Barber

A simple haircut can bring a significant change in one’s personality. The way a woman keeps her luscious locks tells a lot about her; similarly, the way a man wears his hair speaks a lot about him. Regardless of our gender, we make sure to put forward our best.  A lot of people tend to ignore the fact, what a significant role our hair plays in putting forward our personality. Sometimes getting a haircut alone boosts up your confidence and make you look like a character you wish to be.

Latest haircut for men in 2020

Having a regular hair cut also prevents hair damage, and it also becomes easy for the hairstylist to work on your hair.

Benefits of a Good Haircut

  • Boosts your confidence
  • Helps you to change your perception
  • Make your statement
  • Puts forward your personality
  • Makes you a head-turner

How to Choose a Hairstyle ?

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Below are the few hairstyles depending on the shape of your face. It is advisable to go through these guidelines while choosing a hair cut design for yourself.

  1. Round: Having a round face, you should always avoid hairstyles which highlight your cheekbone, because such hairstyles will make your face appear rounder. A round face usually has chubby cheeks with a soft chin. You can go for a high cut look- at the top.
  1. Triangle: You have a triangled shape face then you are likely to have a narrow forehead with a wide jawline. It is always advisable for a triangled shape person to add volume to their hair, so any hair cut that adds volume to your locks will go perfect.
  1. Oval: Since oval face is said to be the perfect shape for a face, any hair cut would add up to your look. It is advisable to keep your locks away from your face so that you face always highlighted. And you can avoid bangs.
  1. Square: Having a square face means having chiselled cheekbones and chin with a lot of angles. A square shape is also said to be the most masculine face shape. Since it is a quite masculine shape, you need to choose a hair cut that softens your face angles. Always avoid having a centre part.
  1. Heart: Heart shape is the opposite of the triangle and thus have a narrow chin and wide forehead. So to balance out your face, you need to choose little longish hairstyles.

Hair-Styling Products for Men

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Men need different products to maintain their hairstyles and the list below mentions the different products a man should include for best styling results.

  • Hair gel
  • Hair wax
  • Pomade
  • Styling cream
  • Hair mousse
  • Hair spray
  • Leave-in conditioner
  • Natural oils and butter

Different Hair-Designs to Choose From

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hair design can be one of the best ways to express yourself and to show off your style with confidence. When we talk about haircut design we have N number of designs starting from statement fades to unique line ups. Below is a list that which have some different hair cut designs.

  • Star and Lightning Hair Design
  • Bad Bunny Hair Design
  • Bird Hair Design
  • Diamond Hair Design
  • Geometric Hair Design
  • Complex Abstract Hair Design
  • Lightning and Bolt hair Design
  • Buzz Cut
  • Caesar
  • Crop
  • Faux Hawk
  • Quiff
  • Side Part
  • Taper
  • Undercut
  • Crew Cut

Basic Hair Care Routine

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  • Drying your hair the right way
  • Never overdo it with products
  • Go easy with the heating appliances
  • Never go for an over comb
  • Do not over wash
  • Wear hats sparingly
  • Use a natural or gentle shampoo
  • Use conditioner
  • Visit your hairstylist regularly
  • Use natural hair styling products.

How to Choose the Best Hair Stylist


Though choosing a hairstylist does not include rocket science, but you cannot just let your hair go in anyone’s hand. It would be best if you search for a good hairdresser to have the desired results. You can end your spree as to how to choose the best hairstylist, the list below mentions a few tips that will help you to find the best hairstylist.

  • Get a recommendation: You should always take suggestions from your family and friends before you decide to go to a particular hairstylist. You can also choose to ask someone who has unbelievably beautiful hair, and their cut designs are always top-notch.
  • Research Online: You can find anything on the internet these days, and the same internet will help you to choose the best hairstylist. You can read the reviews of different customers online and decide whether you want to go with the hairstylist or not.
  • Start with something simple: It is always advisable to go with something new in case you are going for some new hairstylist. We would not recommend you to go for a complete makeover because your hair is something that you do not want to experiment with.
  • Go for the Busiest Hair Stylist: If you are trying out a new salon, then you should always go with the busiest hairstylist. Why? Because only a good hairstylist would have appointments scheduled for all day long. Chances are there that you may have to wait, but then the wait would be worth it. You can also pre-book your appointment to avoid long hour waiting.
  • Always Choose a Hair Stylist with a Speciality: No one is good at everything, and that is a fact, same go with the hairstylists, all the hairstylist cannot ace every look, and there is nothing bad about it. All we are saying is that if you are going for a new hairstylist, choose their speciality so that you have the best results. 
  • Consider talking to someone: If you know someone who has luscious hair, you can ask them about the hairstylist and their work. 
  • Hy
  • giene: Hygiene plays a significant role in selecting a hairstylist. Hair strands here and there is not something that you want when you go to a hairstylist, it tells a lot about the hygiene of the place and also about the stylist.
  • Check for the price: You should always know what all services a stylist is offering and at what cost. This helps you to choose within your budget. 
  • Read about the hairstylist: It is always good to know about the hairstylist you are going to visit. If you know well about the stylist, you can always ask to provide him with services he is best at.

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