Knowing some important things about all-season tyres

by Jason Roy Tyre City

There are many types of car tyres available in the market today depending on your preferences, needs, budget, and other parameters. Winter tyres, summer tyres, and all-season tyres are the variety that you could choose from. The difference lies in the pattern of the tyre’s tread. A summer car tyre has rubber in abundance in comparison to the winter or all-weather tyres. The patterns have a significant effect on the dispersal of water and grip on ice or snow exhibiting a change in the performance under varying conditions of the weather within every tyre.

The other difference within the tyre types is related to the variation in the temperature. The summer car tyres perform well above the range of 7 degrees, whereas the winter car tyres perform best below 7 degrees. The rubber compound within the season-specific tyres helps them work as per the temperature changes. The rubber compound in the summer tyres becomes hard in cooler climatic conditions, lowers the grip on cold surfaces, snow, ice, and wet roads.

On the contrary, winter car tyres remain pliable and soft at reduced temperatures. They maintain the grip and with the assistance of many tread grooves named sipes, they offer good braking, traction, and handling in all kinds of winter seasons. A regular summer tyre would possess almost 200 sipes in comparison to the winter car tyres which have almost 1500 sipes. The rubber compounds in the winter tyres are very soft and flexible at reduced temperatures.

All-weather tyres are an alternative to seasonal tyres. The quantity of silica is more in these tyres to provide flexibility at reduced temperatures and a pattern of the tread between a traditional winter tyre and a summer tyre. They function better than their summer counterparts in the winter season and better than their winter counterparts in the summer season. The performance of all season Banden Utrecht remains consistent throughout the year eliminating the worry of swapping tyres twice every year.

If you drive your car very frequently and like switching from the summer tyres to the winter car tyres and then back, purchasing 2 sets of tyres is a good option. But if the usage of your car is not too much, it is better to go for the all-season tyres and save that extra money and effort.

All-weather tyres have proven to be excellent on wet roads performing very well. A great choice for driving in the mild winter season as well, all-season tyres have acquired their name for a reason. Although, they might not be able to perform as well as the season-specific specialist tyres under extreme weather conditions.  

Benefits of all-weather tyres

The all-weather tyres are extremely versatile and that is what pleases many drivers all across the globe. People choose them to ensure their peace in daily life. They are consistent with their features also making them an ideal choice for many drivers. A few of the advantages are listed below:

  • All-weather car tyres are perfect for the UK climate given the winters and summers are very mild there, along with the unstoppable rains.
  • Greater performance in the summer car tyres as compared to the winter specialist tyres given the pattern of the tread engineered for good handling on dry surfaces,
  • Greater performance in the winter car tyres as compared to the summer specialist tyres given the pattern of the tread and its compound promoting dispersion of water and increased traction levels.
  • The tyres used all around the year should be the same and hence it is not mandatory to purchase 2 sets of winter tyres and summer tyres.
  • The all-season tyres are more cost-effective in comparison to the seasonal counterparts. It also saves the cost of fitting the tyres in a garage every year to switch the tyres.
  • Make sure the all-weather tyres have a guarantee of a lifetime to make sure you get timely and adequate repair for your car tyres.


The goedkope banden Utrecht all-season tyres are a good choice to purchase if you have a constraint of budget and time. However, on the other hand, if you feel that you would require two sets to be able to drive smoothly in the changing weather conditions, you should buy the all-season tyres.

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