A Detailed Guide to Ensure Proper Tyre Maintenance and Care

by Jason Roy Tyre City

Treating your tyres with simple and timely inspection regarding any deterioration, tread wearing and inflation is the best way to ensure satisfactory performance and mileage from them.

Maintain recommended inflation pressure level

In enabling your tyres to provide you with good fuel economy, performance and safety, inflating the tyres with correct pressure is essential. You must not forget to check the exact pressure in your tyres with the tyre gauge.

You can trace the pressure recommendation on the owner’s manual offered by the manufacturer or the placard of the vehicle. The only trick to maintain your tyres in proper working condition for long period and increasing their durability is inflating them with the right amount of pressure. If you inflate our tyre with less pressure, your tyres may get damaged, get air loss or start cracking and you can’t repair the Michelin banden Utrecht. The rolling resistance elevates, load capacity gets reduced and sidewall flexing occurs due to this. Thus, mechanical and heat damage occurs. 

Stiffness is increased by over inflation, which may result in unnecessary vibration in the vehicle and uncomfortable driving. The impact damage chances also get maximized.

No Excessive Spinning of Tyres

When the tyres of our car have got stuck in sand, snow, mud or ice, you must not spin your tyres excessively. This may cause irreparable destruction and over-heating of the tyre. To get your vehicle free, a gentle forward and backward motion must be used. You must not stand behind or near the speedily spinning tyres.

Check the wear of your tyres

You must always replace the tyres when the remaining tread depth is 1.6 mm in them. An indicator for tread wearing is available in every new tyre. These indicators look like smooth banks present in the grooves of the tread when your tyres have worn to the level of 1 .6 mm depth.  You may face an accident on wet roads if you use skid as a result of using bald tyres. You may also get frequent punctures in the tyres that are excessively worn.

Check for damages in tyres

For the sake of safety, you need to inspect your tyres frequently to trace any damage signs and to check their usual condition. You can also get them inspected in the hands of a tyre dealer. You may need the expert advice and also tyre replacement if you find penetrations, impacts, knots, cracks, air loss or bulge

Don’t mount your tyres on own

When incorrect mounting methods are used, the rim and tyre assembly may explode making you seriously injured. You must not forget to match both the rim and tyre diameter as well as follow the instructions offered by the tyre manufacturer. You must get the tyres mounted only by the tyre professionals.  Fitting tyres of the same size and type as depicted by the manufacturer is essential for getting the best control and handling of a vehicle.

These additional guidelines must be followed:

  • You must get the radials fit on the rear axle if non-radials and radials are to be fitted to the same vehicle.
  • You must get the tyre having the deepest depth of tread at the rear axle while fitting two Autobanden Utrecht.
  • You must take the advice of an expert for correct rim width while altering tyre sizes.
  • You must not use tyres of various speed ratings.
  • You must never get the non-radials and radials mixed on the same axle.
  • The vehicle’s speed capability will get restricted to the tyres of the lowest speed rate.
  • On the same axle, they must be fitted with like pairs if you are going to install tyres having various speed ratings on the vehicle.

No Vehicle Overloading

For determining the load limits, you need to check the owner manual. If you overload your car, you may put stress on your car and its other parts too. This may result in tyre damage, more fuel consumption and poor vehicle handling. You must not use new tyres with a low load limit than the level in the vehicle placard in your car. You must always note that the optimum width of the rim is essential for the proper distribution of tyre load and its function.

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