Know which Type of Tyre is Perfect for your Four Wheeler

by Rosie Jones Harworth Tyres

Today, there is a wide range of car tyres available in the market to suit the variety of cars ploughing through the roads. These types vary greatly in their construction, design, and performance depending on the particular type of vehicle they are used in.

For centuries, natural rubber has been the primary material of car tyres. However, modern tyres utilise materials like steel wires, synthetic rubber, carbon black and several other compounds to offer their unmatched performance. A wide range of tyres is available in the market, which may confuse you while picking the right one.

This comprehensive write-up will guide you through the general types of car tyres in Harworth and other places of UK.

Summer tyre

These are optimised to perform when the temperature is above 7° Celsius. These tyres are made of a relatively harder rubber compound, which enhances the stability and hold of the vehicle. These tyres are by far some of the most preferred and used car tyres in the UK.

Winter tyre

Winter tyres sport a large number of grooves and sipes to bite through snow, slush and ice. On such adverse conditions, they offer greater traction and road grip. They are designed to use whenever the temperature drops below 7°C.

All-season tyre

All-season tyres are ideal for someone who does not want the hassle of changing tyres every season. You can avoid the cost and hassle of storing two types of tyres for your vehicle if you choose this type. These tyres ensure adequate grip and performance throughout the year, in various weather and road conditions.

Energy saving tyre

These tyres are specially designed to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emission. They provide low rolling resistance which results in a better fuel economy. These tyres are also more resistant to wear, which ensures that you need fewer tyres throughout your car’s life.

High-performance tyre

The enhanced grip of these tyres ensures safety even when you drive your car at high speeds. International brands like Pirelli, Michelin, Goodyear manufacture premium quality high-performance tyres. Many garages like Harworth Tyres Services sell premium high-performance tyres in Harworth. It’s always advisable to buy tyres from such reputed brands as they are known for their superior performance and longevity.

Tubeless tyre

These tyres do not require an inner tube and have strengthened sidewalls that hold the weight of a car even all the air is depleted.

Importance of tread pattern

Most new tyres come with a tread depth of around 8 mm. There are three major types of tread pattern on tyres:

  • Unidirectional- This pattern features arrow-shaped tread pointing to only in one direction. This tread type displaces water from the tyre to avoid hydroplaning.

  • Asymmetrical- These tread patterns are suitable for sports cars. It combines two or three types of patterns for providing additional grip.

  • Symmetrical- Symmetrical grooves help in heat dissipation while maintaining vehicle stability even at higher speeds.

For better control, choose your car’s tyre according to your driving style and the unique need of your vehicle. Do not mix different types of tyres as it may compromise the safety of your car.

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