Are Your Car’s Tyres Wearing out Early? Check Your Driving Habits!

by Rosie Jones Harworth Tyres

While there’s no doubt that high-speed driving brings thrills, it also comes with its own set of shortcomings, especially for car tyres in Armthorpe. With the city already undergoing road construction and development, the chances of tyre wear only increase if you don’t keep your driving habits in check.

Regardless of how well you drive, room for improvement always remains open. As you know, tyres bear the first brunt of reckless or imprudent driving. So, they are prone to wearing out much earlier than stipulated.

And, if you don’t seem to find a potential reason for your car tyres in Doncaster wearing out early on, the issue probably lies with your driving habit.

Good news, folks! You can always control how you drive!

Yes, improving your skills as a driver can give your car tyres a new lease on life. By ‘skills’ we mean skills that help you maintain controlled drives. Let’s check them one by one!

Driving gently over uneven surfaces

If you have to pass through rough road conditions like gravelled surface, driving at even average speed is inadvisable. In such a circumstance, it is better to slow down your vehicle and approach carefully. It will ensure car tyres in Harworth do not receive any significant cuts or bruises. It also reduces the chances of a puncture or blowout.

Applying brakes slowly when towing

If you are using your car for towing, you need to be extra cautious of how you drive due to the added pressure on your vehicle. Also, in this circumstance, if you apply brake suddenly, the combined weight of both the vehicles may lead to significant wearing out of car tyres, especially the front ones.

Hence, it is advisable that you drive and brake gently for your car tyres in Doncaster to last long.

Limiting excessive hard braking habits

While tyres used in racing cars have a build-up that can sustain hard braking from speed as high as 200mph, tyres of passenger cars don’t. So, if you are passionate about enjoying the thrills of hard braking, you are doing injustice to your vehicle’s tyres in Armthorpe.

While harsh braking impacts all components of your car, tyres are the biggest sufferers. Hence, it’s best that you limit your hard braking habits for the sake of your car tyres.

Letting your car warm up

Imagine this! What would happen if you subject a piece of rubber to a sudden, harsh rub? It will wear out, right?

Similarly, although tyres fitted in your car can sustain pressure and exertion to a great extent, they still wear out if you accelerate abruptly. Therefore, you must ensure that every time you drive your vehicle, it should be warmed up. As in, drive it slowly for a while before you speed up.

Keeping these minor yet remarkable driving habits in mind while driving will ensure your car tyres in Harworth last long. In case you need replacement or repair, expert garages like Harworth Tyres Services are always there to help!

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