How to Know If Your Vehicle Tyres Are Breathing Their Last

by Rosie Jones Harworth Tyres

As spring comes rolling in, so does the hot sunny days and torrential downpours. This change in weather is bad news for your tyres as they will be subjected to rough roads, potholes or cracked patchy tarmac other than the occasional Brit downpour. All of these will eventually wear off your tyres faster than you know it, unless… Well. Read on!

Now, no one wants to spend their quid on tyres. At least, most car owners don’t. However, fixing or replacing worn-out tyres makes all the difference between staying safe, and ending up as a vegetable.

Knowing whether your need a fresh batch of tyres, isn’t a ‘tough nut to crack’ as most think. It all comes down to 4 warning signs –

  • Tyre tread

  • Tyre crack

  • Bumble or bumps

  • Too much vibrations

Check tyre tread

First things first, check if the tyre treads have the necessary depth and texture. Treads not only depict how well your tyres are performing, but also provide traction even on the most challenging road conditions.

So, if you’re driving on a bald tyre, you’re literally asking for a tyre burst. In case you require a tyre replacement, you can rely on reputed garages such as Harworth Tyres Services. They also offer wheel alignment and wheel balancing services in Harworth.

Nowadays, modern cars are equipped with cool features which help drivers to determine tyre tread depth. Pay close attention to the tread-wear indicators to understand whether it’s time to replace the tyres. Drive by any reputed garage to buy fresh tyres in Retford.

Look for tyre cracks

Observe if there are cracks in the tyres' sidewalls. If your tyre’s sidewalls get worn out, it might cause an eventual flat. You must remember that sidewalls are prone to damage. One accidental run against a curb and you graze the sidewall; it would cause to leak or even a blowout.

Furthermore, to avoid tread wear, use appropriate tyres for every situation. Suppose, winter tyres are specially built to withstand the cold weather and snow or summer tyres can ‘take' the scorching heat of tarmac.

Bubbles or bumps

Have you noticed any bumps or bubbles along the tyre surface? Then, you should probably check your tyre’s pressure. Under-inflation leads to uneven tyre wear and increased mileage. Over-inflation accelerates sidewall damage other than a drop in high speed drivability and decreased tread life. Such symptoms, however, are common in case of low-quality tyres too.

Hence, it is advisable to purchase only quality tyres of reputed companies. You can drop by any recognised garage for buying high-quality tyres in Retford.


Though vibrations need not necessarily be from failing tyres, yet tyre vibrations could result in them wearing out faster. Thus, if you notice any unusual vibrations, you must take your vehicle for an immediate diagnosis. Perhaps a simple wheel alignment or a tyre change might solve this issue. Vibrations could also occur from faulty suspension.

As a vehicle owner, you must look out for these warning signs. After all, tyres are the contact between your car and the road. Without tyres, there’s really no vehicle at all.

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