Is there any way to recover data from a RAID 5 Drive?

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RAID 5 is the most popular one in the RAID array, it is a visualization technology that is solely used for data storage. There are multiple components of physical disk drives that are stored in it and together make it a single logical unit. There are various benefits to it and the major ones being performance improvements and data redundancy. Although with its technological advantage, it still faces lots of issues concerning data loss. 

This involves accidental deletion of the folder, files, partitions, and accidental formatting of the partition too. Most of you'll be wondering if it is possible to recover data from Raid 5? The RAID 5 consists of independent disk configuration, which means the usage involves disk striping and parity. This way data and parity are striped across discs, which lets no single disk being bottlenecked. This stripping allows the users to recover their data from RAID 5.

Why Data Loss Occurs in RAID 5?

RAID plays a very good role in maintaining the storage of your data. But it seems to be a bigger barrier and challenge if the array fails and the internal data seems to get lost. There are many reasons why you can face severe data loss issues. Also, one can be able to recover the lost data, but a little patience is required. Let's get into the detail of knowing what causes the RAID 5 data loss problem. 

  • Controller Failed

The controller presented in RAID is the main component that manages all the hard drives that are combined in the main system. If the controller acts up and fails, you will be able to access the drives and all the data that it contains will be lost with it. This kind of failure results from several reasons like sudden power cut causing the system to break down again and again. The problems can be many but the result would have an impact on your data. At this specific point of time Rebooting of the RAID will likely results in overwriting of the data.

  • Physical Damage

RAID is a sum of hard drives combined, and these hard drives are prone to get damaged the drive to suffer from physical damages and other types of common misuse. This will trouble the internal working of RAID and resulting in RAID getting affected and causing data loss issues to a huge extent. The common type of physical damage to the hard drive occurs when the drive head damages. This scenario is where the head gets a direct contact to the drive platter and then the damage results through it get much worse. Drives failure occurs and all the data presented in the hard drives are lost. 

  • Accidental Deletion

Of course, like any other computer data loss that has occurred to date. The problem caused by human error is possible in RAID 5 as well and this is mostly because of accidentally deleting the data. Although you may assume that the data has been lost completely, the reality here is a bit different. Your deleted data if not overwritten by new data can be restored without worrying a little too much. Most of the common people with a lack of tech knowledge often assume that they have lost their data which is untrue. Once the data is overwritten, that's when it gets impossible for us to recover them.

  • Circuit Corrupt

There is a circuit board on the hard drive and if that particular circuit board gets damaged, the drive together will malfunction and stop working. This way, the data stored in the drive will be temporarily lost until the drive doesn't get fixed. Undoubtedly anything with regards to RAID failure affects the data loss. Most of the laymen assume that a simple replacement of the circuit board will result in the data getting recovered, however, this is a wrong assumption. Each hard drive has its speciality and uniqueness of ROM chips. Mere replacing it is not going to solve any issues, but it will indeed make the matter much worse.

  • Raid volume Improper

If the RAID volume is built in an incorrect method, the user will face that there is something wrong while accessing their data. In the worst situation, some cases have severely led the system to breakdown completely resulting in a big-time loss. There are ample of improper RAID rebuilds and all of which severely affects the data stored in your RAID 5. This type of improper rebuilds includes RAID with missing hard drive, or with a unique configuration and with out-of-order drives and a lot more.

Can you recover data from RAID 5 Drive?

 The most common question after one faces a serious data loss is, what are the chances of recovering my data? Well, you can recover your lost data from RAID 5, if you take the actions quickly. If not, there are still hopes for recovery and this can be done with the help of proper software. 


  1. Turn of your PC, do not perform any function, shut it down, and relax. The more you do things in it, the more it can get messed up. It can also cause other drives to fail and create problems, which shouldn’t happen, so be cautious.
  2. Organize all the software and the hardware systematically which you are planning to recover from RAID 5 in a single attempt. 
  3. Now, you will be required to take apart all the RAID array drives and then examine each of the drives one by one without rushing. Determine the physical space and integrity of each drive by analyzing the utility provided by the drive. 
  4. Don’t work on repairing your drive during this stage as you have to only figure out which drive exactly failed and stopped working that’s it. 
  5. Write down the details of the drive that failed, for example, the name, number, and other disk specifications. 
  6. You have to perform the recovery process only on the drive that has failed. 

Avoiding Data Loss in RAID 5

Of course, the best most suited way for your data to be presented is a good backup of all the information that is crucial to you. Remember, RAID is an exceptional technology, however, any drive and component can fail in it anytime resulting in system failure. 

Multiple backups can ensure that you stay ahead of the complication and be prepared mentally and smartly. While most of the RAID array can be recoverable through a tool, there are few cases where people have lost their data completely. 

Even a good data recovery software failed to retrieve the data simply because people didn’t approach for expert help. Not knowing the technicality side often results in laymen committing the wrong process while recovering. Only a good data recovery service provider can ensure a seamless and systematic process is followed during the recovery stage. 

You will drastically improve your chances of recovering the data and getting back all the information if you switch your device immediately. Stop doing whatever you are doing and simply call up a professional to handle it with care. 

Techchef Can Help Recover Lost Data from RAID 5

At Techchef, we treat thousands of data recovery cases that is occurred in RAID 5 and other forms of RAID. With RAID 5 failure becoming pretty common, the type of software used to recover it, the tools to acquire the information everything is in our control. We are aware that the data you’ve lost seems to be very important and crucial for you or your business. Our data engineers ensure that you get all your information right on time without causing a problem. 

If your RAID 5 fails, you know who to call. We’ll be the right help to you as our knowledge ensures your data recovery is done seamlessly. At Techchef, we have smart professionals who have years of experience in the field. We are a certified data recovery company and you can trust us with your data. We will ensure to safeguard your information in the right manner.

Call Techchef for Data Recovery

We aim to provide clients with a data recovery process so simple and easy, that they feel proud to have given us the chance for the recovery. We use a modern system, software, and tools in the recovery process, this ensures that our updated tools recover the lost data quickly. Our process is pretty simple and we expect the client to follow it, only then you can get smooth recovery from us. 

Call Techchef if you have any problems related to data loss and RAID 5 failure. We will evaluate your problem at first and then provide you with the details of what you can expect from the recovery. We do not make false promises we prove it without results. Our loyalty is depicted in the success rate and reviews of the client and that’s what motivates us to do more and better. 

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