What You Should Do When Your Laptop Gets Wet?

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Unfortunately, accidents happen and they are inevitable. No matter how cautious and organized you are, spillages can occur. And sometimes it’s your laptop that has to take all trouble. Spilling of water or any other liquid on your laptop invites trouble. Well, fret not guys! As the most important thing you need to do in such instances is to keep calm and take immediate action. Delaying things can enhance damage and could lead to moisture retention.

The quicker you act, the less damage will seep in through your laptop’s internal parts. Here are the immediate steps you can take to save your wet laptop.

#1. Turn-off laptop immediately:

Water is one of the biggest enemies for your electronic devices. The first step in dealing with this emergency is

  • To cut off the electricity supply to your laptop. As soon as the spillage occurs turn off your laptop.
  • Remove the battery and unplug everything connected to your system. This is important because if liquid seeps in, it may damage the internal circuit board and could lead to a device short out.

#2. Focus on Draining and Drying:

To wipe away the access liquid use a paper towel. Moreover, to enable faster drying up lay your laptop in an upside-down V position. All excess liquid accumulated in your laptop’s internal components will seep out. Apart from these, you are supposed to:
  • Keep the laptop intact in this position for around 24 hours and until you are satisfied that the liquid has been completely drained and dried.
  • Plus, also check detached components such as the battery, USB, or other cords. The components should be completely dried. After draining the liquid from the laptop’s outer surface scroll your eyes through internal components.
But remember not to use a hairdryer or blow-drying machine for the purpose as it could raise another issue which can be a serious headache for you.

#3. Turn on the Laptop and Monitor for Glitches, if any:

After you are rest assured that your laptop has dried completely, turn it on. If it turns on that’s great, next step involves the following:
  • To check different functionalities such as USB drive port, Bluetooth connection, or even keyboard working.
  • Also, monitor were there any noticeable glitches while the system was turning on. In some cases, your laptop might be all OK but your keyboard may be susceptive to damage due to spillage.

So, make sure you watch each and everything minutely.

#4. Consider seeking professional assistance:

If your laptop doesn’t power up, at this point, we recommend you to get it examined by a professional. The liquid may have induced damage beyond your expectation. It might have affected internal components. Additionally, if your laptop is exhibiting weird signs such as unusual sound while powering up, distorted display, or issues with the keyboard, it is better to consult a professional. Plus, if there are any error codes, consider jotting them down so that technicians can diagnose issues easily.

Hopefully, following these steps will help you keep your laptop all well. But if no immediate action is taken the situation may become worse. The liquid damage can take a toll on your laptop, even leading to data loss.


Facing a serious situation like this can be intimidating. Spilling of water on your laptop can leave your device in a miserable condition. If you are going through such a challenging instance, you still have time for damage recovery. Make quick decisions before the condition of your laptop become worst. Look none other than Techchef that can be your one-stop solution. Contact our toll-free number or get in touch with us via email: We are there to assist you immediately.

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