Is Protein in the Urine is linked to Life Expectancy?

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Proteinuria is the condition of your kidneys when they leak abnormal amounts of protein in your urine. Normally protein is present in your urine but when it increases day by day, it indicates proteinuria. This is not a disease, this is a symptom of kidney disease that can be treated when it diagnosed otherwise it can create complications for another organ of your body. Albumin is one of the important proteins that are present inside your body. When your kidneys stop working, albumin gets passed out from the body through the process of urination. Kidney performs many crucial functions like filtering of waste materials like chemical waste and excess fluids from your blood. This waste excreted through urine.

If the proteinuria is not treated on time then it can lead to ESRD or end-stage renal disease which means your kidneys lose the ability to filter waste products from your blood. This may cause fluid and waste buildup in your body that can cause many serious health-related issues. Leakage of protein in urine can cause a deficiency of protein in your urine but you have to strictly avoid protein-rich diet when you have proteinuria.  Ayurvedic treatment for leakage of protein can lower down the level of protein in your urine naturally.

Cause of Proteinuria

There are many causes of proteinuria; it can be caused due to the consumption of protein-rich diet. Some of the causes of proteinuria are as follows:

• Glomerulonephritis – It is a disease that causes due to the damage done to the filtration unit of your kidneys. These filtration units are also known as glomeruli.
• Diabetes – High blood sugar or uncontrolled diabetes are the major causes of having kidney disease. Diabetes is also responsible for the damage done to the filtration unit of your kidneys.
• Urine infection – It can increase the level of protein in your urine. But usually there are so signs and symptoms were there for urine infection.
• Dehydration - If you want to talk about the causes of kidney disease, then dehydration will be on the top of the list. Dehydration can increase the level of protein in your urine.
• Vigorous exercise – It is a universal fact that doing exercise is very good for your health but people don’t know that doing intensive exercise can increase the level of protein in your urine for a temporary basis.
• High fever – high fever can also hike the protein level in your blood.

Symptoms of proteinuria

This situation is also termed as the initial stage of kidney disease. Usually, there is no symptom at all in proteinuria but there are some conditions that show an abnormal amount of protein in your urine. Some of the conditions are as follows:

• Spumy urine, it is not specified to proteinuria. Foam in urine can also cause due to other reasons too.
• Presence of excess water in your body tissue

Other than the above-mentioned symptoms there are no symptoms at all. If you are diagnosed with proteinuria then you have to go for the Ayurvedic treatment for leakage of protein that is 100% safe and hazards free.

Protein in urine is linked to life expectancy

There is much research done to find out the effect of proteinuria on life expectancy and after long research, it has been found that protein in your urine is linked to life expectancy. People having a high level of protein have less expectancy rate than a person having no proteinuria. The average life-expectancy rate of individuals living with proteinuria is 16 years less than ordinary people.

Proteinuria treatment in Ayurveda

Protein in urine is a very dangerous sign for your kidneys and can damage your kidneys if they are not treated on time. In allopathy, there is no treatment to control the protein level in your urine but with the help of Ayurvedic treatment for leakage of protein, you can reduce the level of protein in your urine naturally without side-effect. Ayurvedic treatment involves the use of natural herbs that are strong enough to reduce the protein level in your urine. Ayurvedic doctors suggest some changes in diet for proteinuria that are as follows:

• Avoid red meat as much as you can; if you want to go for a non-vegetarian diet then you can go for fish
• Avoid intake of sodium in your diet
• Try to add fiber as much as you can in your diet 
• Regular morning exercise is good for your kidneys 
• Avoid alcohol
• Add onions and ginger in your diet
• Avoid soda and drink plenty of water

Karma Ayurveda provides effective Ayurvedic treatment for leakage of protein that can reduce your protein level just with the help of some nominal change in your diet and natural herbs. Here, Dr. Puneet Dhawan and his team use their specialization in treating kidney patients without using any surgical equipment.

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