[Partha Banerjee Dubai] Is It Safe To Consume Alcohol For Your Kidney's Health?

by Partha Banerjee Partha Banerjee Dubai

In Indian Society, alcohol is not seen as a favorable drink in comparison to western countries. Alcohol, in general, has no medically proven positive effect on the body, if taken in moderation. But it does affect the working of kidneys because as soon as it is ingested, urine is passed out within a few minutes. This leads to a decrease in fluids retained by the Kidneys disturbing the fluid balance.

It has been researched that moderate consumption of alcohol does not affect kidneys and their functioning. Partha Banerjee Mumbai says, having it regularly causes damage to health in many ways. It may lead to change in the shape and form of the kidneys as well as electrolytes gets imbalanced too. Extreme use may lead to high blood pressure. This, in turn, results in stretching and weakening of blood vessels. The waste that is filtered in the kidney is done by these blood vessels and their deformed structure does not help in this process.

Instead, in case of high pressure, the urine will pass inwards rather than downwards harming the other organs of the body. If the medication is administered to regulate the blood pressure, its working will be inhibited by the alcohol in the bloodstream. According to Partha Banerjee Dubai high levels of alcohol intake every day influences the following important minerals in the body:

a)    Sodium: The excessive fluids or dehydration in the kidneys lead to a low or high level of Sodium in the body which is harmful in both the cases. The level of this mineral is further determined due to liver dysfunction caused by excess alcoholism.

b)   Potassium: The level of Potassium decreases due to excess of alcohol. This leads to an increase in reabsorption of fluids which leads to a decrease in Potassium level.

c)    Phosphate: It gets released with urine resulting in Phosphate deficiency. Frequent urination is the next stage of this condition and hyperventilation, low acidity and intense breakdown of glucose.

d)   Magnesium: This mineral is released with urine and generally gets affected with the phosphate.

e)    Calcium: The level of Calcium decreases due to intake of excessive liquor. Partha Banerjee Dubai says that this situation causes muscle breakdown in severe cases where liver dysfunction has already taken place.

Therefore, alcohol consumption in extreme amount affects the functions of the kidneys in fluid retention, acid-base balance, and the working of electrolytes. It also causes disturbances in the levels of necessary minerals leading to malnutrition. Partha Banerjee Mumbai adds, regular drinking leads to dire consequences, starting with liver failure and malfunctioning of kidneys. So it is advised to stay away from alcohol or restrict its consumption for better health and well-being. 

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