How to Find a Pond Fountain?

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Want to buy an aerator for the pond and do not know what to consider? Fountains have visual appeal and can provide aeration. They range in height up to 20 feet above the surface of the pond. They are purchased along the spray nozzle to create a different pattern from starburst to cascading tiers that give a unique look. Fountains are known for their aesthetic appeal more than their aerating properties. Buying the right pond fountain depends on the shape and size of the fountain. So, it is better to consider these factors to find the right fountain.

Fountains add oxygen into the pond to retain the water quality of the pond. Pond fountain's tiny droplet makes contact in the air and falls back into the pond to provide aeration. Buy floating fountains with a V shape pattern to get more aeration than any other type of fountain style.
There are many reasons to choose pond fountains, and they can significantly improve the water quality. Aerators can create a safe haven inside the water for fish and help reduce algae growth. Irritated with the foul smell that forms due to gas formation? Choose pond aeration as it can reduce the smell by moving the water from the surface. It will also reduce the presence of mosquito’s and prevent their breeding. An aeration system is one of the best features of the pond. Buy kasco fountains for aesthetic purposes as well as for aeration. These are energy efficient and provide a beautiful display.

How to Buy a Pond Fountain and Aerators?

When it comes to choosing pond aerators, one needs to consider many factors. It is essential to consider the shape and depth of the pond before choosing a fountain. Whether one is planning to buy an aerator or a pond fountain, one must pay attention to the depth, shape, and size of the pond.

If the spray pattern of the aerator is more decorative, the motor will take more effort. Besides the V shape pattern, there are many other spray patterns on offer.

  • Crystalline: This has a diamond-shaped spray.
  • Crown and Geyser: Smaller and lower sprays surround a high spray pattern to get the crown-like structure.
  • Plume: The nozzle of this spray pattern creates a wide funnel of water that looks like an ostrich plume.
  • Plum Tree: This spray pattern rises and then comes down in a round shape to form a tree-like appearance.

Check the horsepower motor of the fountain. It should be ideally 1.5 hp for each acre of water. Take into consideration the horsepower ratings before choosing a fountain. Check the method of calculating the horsepower of the manufacturing company and make the right choice. In addition to this, consider buying nozzle and choose them according to the size of the pump.

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