Is investing in Tesla solar system and Powerwall worth it?

by Jeffery Orozco We provides the Solar System from Solarzing.

Tesla Powerwall is designed to be a ground-breaking home battery system. You can install it with your existing solar panel system in order for it to self-power your residence 24/7.


Definition of Tesla Powerwall

You want your residence to remain powered through the outages and electricity cost inflation, you will need a powerful battery storage system. A solar battery storage system will help reduce your dependence on the grid. Tesla residential battery storage system has been designed to deliver up to sufficient energy density, regardless of what your property size is.


Is the Tesla Powerwall battery storage system worth it?

Let’s begin with the key factors involved in evaluating if investing in Tesla Powerwall is worth it or not: When you consider Tesla Powerwall installation, it will although increase your initial costs, but, since it’s a smart investment in regards to your residential energy goals, it is worth every single dime of yours. Also, do not forget the incentives that could make your decision-making an easy and quick process.


Here’s how you should begin:

Assess your residential energy goals

Start by asking: What are the top reasons you want to switch to solar energy?

  1. Saving dollars on the electricity bill at the end of the month
  2. Curbing your carbon footprint
  3. Enjoying peace of mind when there are power outages, natural disasters, and blackouts citywide.

If your answer to these above-mentioned reasons is ‘yes,’ then, you are right to invest in Tesla Panel installation or Tesla glass.


Evaluate tangible prices include incentives

Powerwall price could seem a little bit hefty at your first glance at it, however, to learn about the actual cost, you will want to assess all the factors with the help of a qualified Tesla installer. Once you know how much Tesla panel installation and Tesla Powerwall installation is going to cost you, you can evaluate your incentives.


How much is Tesla Powerwall?

Tesla Powerwall is entitled to receive a 26% federal solar tax credit and also many other state incentives, based on the state you are living in. Tesla panel installation and Tesla Powerwall installation makes the homeowners, which means, ‘you,' eligible for net metering schemes if your state does offer this. This eligibility further enables you to sell the unused energy back to your utility company. However, if you have a solar battery storage facility, you can store that unused energy for the times when the price of the electricity touches the sky or the city is experiencing a sudden yet mandatory blackout.


Reasons why you should consider Tesla Powerwall installation

The key reason solar batteries such as Tesla Powerwall have gained popularity is energy reliance. For homeowners seeking absolute peace of mind in blackouts, natural disasters, and outages, the Tesla Powerwall is an essential investment.


  •      Energy independence

Let’s discuss what energy independence really means: Your residence is assimilated into your utility company’s grid power, hence they will always have reliance on it, even although when they have a solar system installed. Even with Tesla solar panels, it is impossible to have any sort of liberty from the grid if you don’t have a battery storage system. With your residential solar battery, such as Powerwall, you could stop depending majorly on the grid with your saved excess solar energy.


  •         Lower your electricity bill

Another significant reason, why homeowners have gone green with solar energy, is it reduces your electricity bill. The past decade witnessed a steady and stable slant of electricity costs, while homeowners that have gone green with solar systems experienced a drastic reduction in their monthly electricity bill.


If this is, too, your goal, investing in Tesla solar system and Powerwall battery storage system is worth it.


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