What are the Benefits of Switching to Solar Energy? 4-Step Plan for DIY Solar Panel Installation

by Jeffery Orozco We provides the Solar System from Solarzing.

If you are considering transitioning to solar energy for your home electricity, you are thinking it straight and right; however, you could use some advice as to how to go with a DIY solar panels system without any technical confusion.

However, before we jump right to the ‘installation guide,’ let’s reinforce why we all should transition to solar energy at all.

You save BIG on your monthly utility expense

Solar installation typically costs an individual $10,000 to $20,000; with DIY solar panels installation choice, you get to save on the labor and design cost; and about $1 P/W. Hence, for a 5kw solar energy kit, you will have to pay up to $15,000 if getting installed by a professional; whereas, with a DIY installation choice, you will save almost 40% of this cost.

Easier to set up smaller, off-grid projects

DIY solar panel kits are a wiser option if you have no plan on powering your entire residential property. Most DIY solar panel installation kits are good for off-grid use to power up lesser intricate projects, such as outlying barns or powering up RVs.

Transitioning to solar will help generate income

Did you know that solar systems produce more energy when the climatic conditions are ideal? Now, think of a year with just a perfect and favorable climatic condition; or just the winter – the electricity company will buy back the excess electricity from you; meaning you will not only be saving but also making money every month.

You help MOTHER EARTH remain clean and wholesome

Cutting greenhouse gases and lowering carbon footprint on our planet has become one of the biggest challenges, at the same time ‘responsibility for each and every citizen breathing here. And, we can all at least start by considering ‘solar energy’ instead of ‘buying electricity from giant utility companies.’ Using solar energy to power up your home at night means you are contributing your bit to keep Mother Earth clean, and saying NO to burning coal, oil, or any other fuel for that matter.

Solar panel system helps increase the value of your home

An additional advantage of solar energy solution is that this help maximizes your home’s resale value. Although, it can never be estimated ‘how much,’ but one can have a clue about the value of their home by the ‘demands.’ The demand for a home with well-setup solar panels and system is always high.

Now that we have got a lump sum idea of why we all should switch to the solar energy system, let’s move on to the plan for DIY solar panels installation –

Determine your needs and goals for energy

What is your primary goal – to become energy self-sufficient, have back power, or save money? Once you decide on your needs and goals, you can easily choose the type of solar system solution you need – grid-tied or off-grid?

Decide how you’d like to set up and size up your system

How you’d like to design your system is a major step in deciding the energy usage, orientation, solar panel angle, shading, battery size, and conversion losses. Additionally,  you will want to check all solar rules and regulations in your local jurisdiction or state, and then get your permits and complete inspections before you start installing.

Buy all accompanying equipment

You will want to calculate your estimated costs, the number of solar panels you may need, savings that can show you a clear path. Following this, buy the solar panels, racking, inverters, electrical supplies, etc.

You may need to think and plan lesser if you choose to buy solar panels kits at Solarzing – they are a renowned supplier and installation service providers of advanced solar panel kits with lithium batteries from Tesla.

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