Is In-House Paper Shredding Harmful?

by Smart Shred Protecting your Documents is Serious Business

In-house shredding is convenient, time-saving, and cost-effective. Many big and small businesses shred confidential paperwork at their premises since it’s easy. But shredding in-house can also be dangerous for the workers.

Generally, when talking about shredding, most people focus on the data protection aspect of the process. Sure, there are benefits of keeping your own business shredding machines onsite. But you must also be aware of the potential hazards.

Dust & Fire Hazard

Not just big, but even small shredders can produce a lot of paper dust and result in fire. Even the slightest spark can ignite a massive cloud of airborne dust, leading to an explosion (called deflagration). Even though it’s rare, deflagration can happen. It can also occur at industrial sites at greater levels where the damage can be fatal. However, big businesses have proper protocols in place to avoid major mishaps.

Inhaling Dangerous Particles

A dust explosion isn’t the only problem with in-house shredding. The minute particles released as a result can get into the lungs of the workers and irritate the lungs, eyes, throat, etc. Sore throat, asthma, and chronic bronchitis are commonly seen among people who regularly perform close-up shredding jobs. Again, with industrial shredders, the danger is increased. However, they are required to take the necessary measures to ensure worker safety, or negligence can prove costly.

Dangerous Mechanism

The mechanical operation of the shredding equipment can be risky. If the operator doesn’t apply due care, the consequences can be disastrous. Someone’s tie can get stuck, their fingers can get through, and even long hair can lead to a fatal accident. The bigger the shredder, the greater the risk. For this reason, having big and efficient in-house shredders but no employee training is a significant threat. At professional shredding services facilities, the operators are well-trained to understand and manage the risks. There’s extensive training provided so they can maintain workplace safety.

Cross-Cutting Operation

Cross-cut shredders are cutting-edge equipment. These offer enhanced information protection and help you comply with the necessary laws. The equipment basically cross-cuts paper into smaller, unrecognizable pieces, compared to simple, traditional (less secure) strip-cuts. However, the more secure these machines are in terms of data privacy, they’re equally dangerous in their operation. Every year, thousands of injuries result from an incorrect operation of cross-cut shredders. In just a split second, you can see pools of blood, landing the victim with excruciating injuries. Professional services providers understand the mechanism thoroughly and are trained to perform every operation safely.

Bulky Top Construction

Look at your shredder’s construction – most weight is disturbed on top to handle the mechanics, and the bottom receptacle is a lightweight plastic. While that’s how shredders are made, the equipment is unstable, as it can topple just anytime. If it does fall over, feet injuries are evident. Shredders don’t just reduce employee productivity and cause allergies, but they can lead to damages resulting in time off from work.

The Alternative? Professional Shredding Services!

With many dangers associated with in-house shredding, something that seems convenient and effective can often cost you even more. Sure, it’s easy to shred in-house and remove the clutter safely, but only if the workforce is trained to handle the risks will it actually prove efficient. If you’re using your precious time, resources, and energy in shredding paper, and some documents also mistakenly end up in the trash, it’s better to partner with pros. Look up “mobile shredding services near me” and hire a reliable service provider to safely dispose of your confidential documents while protecting everyone at work from mishaps.

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