IoT Smart City Trends that You Must Check out in 2021

by Joseph Ricard Director

It’s already 2021, and we have a pretty good idea about the Internet of Things and the smart city based on this tech because the emerging technologies and the IoT have completely changed how the future will look ten years from now. 

According to a recent study, 50 billion connected objects or devices will get delivered by 2020, and these devices will contribute by making cities “Smart”.   

What is a Smart City?

A smart city can be categorized as a city that remarkably differs from conventional urban areas by incorporating modern technologies (like the Internet of Things, machine learning, 4G, 5G communication, and high-performance computing machines). It also consists of new plans to improve the lives of citizens that live in it. By 2022, there will be core technologies that will stay a part of the transformational journey of smart cities. 

Let us discuss some IoT smart city trends that you cannot miss in 2021.

IoT Smart City Trends That You Cannot Miss

5G (More speed, less time)

After the revolution of 4G, we are ready for the 5th generation (5G network). This network promises to be highly advanced over the coming years. The higher bandwidth is capable of transporting a higher volume of data at much higher speeds. 5G technology comes packed with the promises that the future of IoT and Smart city concepts will ride on speed and accuracy.

Traffic Management with IoT

Do you also get frustrated when you get stuck in traffic? Here is good news for you, smart cities with IoT are going to solve this problem. An intelligent system with a 5G super-boost will support smart cities and will be able to keep a watch on vehicles on the road, which will ultimately reduce traffic jams. In short, IoT has a vital role in providing smooth and speed bump-free traffic, which will revolutionize traffic management.

IoT Powered Smart Hospitals And Healthcare Systems

Healthcare is one of the most critical areas where IoT will play a significant role. The current scenario is that IoT is present only in some healthcare centers and provides them with integrated tracking and monitoring solutions. Patients can wear devices that will forecast their current health stats like heart rate, blood pressure, sugar level, etc.

To support this, the global Internet of Medical Things is forecasted to reach $ 158 billion by 2022.

IoT and Garbage management

Breathing becomes difficult in a polluted environment. Nobody wants foul odors in their city, the waste generated from industries, and the domestic waste piled up at several places. That is when the Internet of Things comes into the picture. Smart cities will have a very efficient garbage management system. Each garbage center will work as a smart unit to pick up vans that pick up the garbage and empty it to a designated place.

High-level Encryption and Cyber Security with IoT

The Internet of Things is a cost-effective way of using communication networks and devices to achieve the seemingly impossible task of making vast and complex processes clear and transparent. The increasing number of internet transactions will increase the chances of security breaches, but worry not! That’s when, with the help of 5G tech, smart cities can deploy more powerful defense or security all around the IoT devices.

Water and Waste-water Monitoring 

The Internet of Things in water management uses IoT smart city sensors installed at various locations in the water system, and sensors collect data from multiple places and send it back to the monitoring system. IoT-enabled smart water sensors can track the quality and temperature of the water, and they can also detect leaks and send instant alerts.


In the foreseeable future, the Internet of Things is going to make cities ‘Smart’. The more people accept and support this technology, the sooner we can see and live in a smarter future. Smart city investments are going to be one of the big things in the coming years.  

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