Interesting Facts About Shoes

by Jack S. Packaging Consultant iCustomBoxes

Interesting Facts About Shoes

Shoes are the most important of our lives in every phase of our life. As these shoes are always in trend sop it have a wide history. Shoes were first introduced 8000 years ago when these were made by animal skin as well as from wood. Further after 4000 years these shoes were made up of rawhide and that were commonly used for very long time. After some time, middle eastern shoemaker started makes shoes with heels so that these can be used on hot sand so that it can bear the hotness of sand. Eventually, new changes took place in last some decades that make the unboxing of the Custom Shoe Boxes more exciting for the customers.

In 19th century shoes were made to be worn on both legs and then two separate shoes where customized for separate legs. On the other hand, the shoes style of European men and women were same for a very long time. Eventually, new changes took place in last some decades that make the unboxing of the shoe boxes more exciting for the customers. As these products are really innovative and always in trend and give your personality stylish and modern look. So, there are some interesting features about shoes that you should. Following are some of the interesting facts about shoes that make them amazing:

Let’s Sneak in with sneakers

The word sneakers perfectly go for the rubber sole shoes. Because these make you feel comfortable and make your foot feel relaxed inside the shoes. These shoes are customized with the rubber sole so that it can protect your foot from any mishap. Other than this you can use these shoes for different adventures. Moreover, these shoes do not make any noise so that you can easily sneak from anywhere or anyone. Other than this the yearly sale of these sneakers is very high. On the other hand, there are new inventions for the customers in these sneakers with passage of time. You can have Cardboard Shoe Boxes to store your fav sneakers.

Measurement of shoe in early ages

In roman civilization the shoe makers use grain to measure the length if the foot so that they can make shoes according to that size. This method of measuring the length of foot was basically invented by the British. According to historians king Edward II invented this way to measure the length of the foot. Other than this according to him almost three grains are equal to 1 inch. And that became a successful way to measure foot. This method was used for a very long time. Today, it is the official measurement unit in many countries of the world. 

High heels were invented for men

Today heels are commonly used by the women but it is a myth that heels were invented for women. Actually, the heels were invented for men.  Other than this these heels were used by knights to keep their feet safe. Moreover, the heels became the symbol of braveness and strength because of its height. Other than this these heels were taken as superiority by the European kings. They feel themselves gentle and elite while stepping inside the court or any other place. These heels were the symbol of their power and supremeness. 

Shoe machine in 1883

The biggest invention the shoe industry was that when shoe manufacturing machine was invented by Jan Ernst Matzeliger in 1883. He introduced a shoe sewing machine that made big change in the manufacturing industry. According to history his machine can make 700 shoes in 10 minutes. That is much more than an expert shoe maker. This invention made the manufacture if the shoes easy and assessable for everyone. Eventually, new changes took place in last some decades that make the unboxing of the Empty Shoe Boxes more exciting for the customers.

Why high heels were too high for some people

The heels became the fashion icon in 14th century in Venice. Other than this were as much high that the people who wear heels need two servants to assist them to carry these heels. On the other hand, today, women don’t wear to much high heals because of health issues or injuries. But today divas and the model wear these heels to look hot and fashionable among others.  

Maria Antoinette vast collection of shoes

According to the historians Maria Antoinette has 500 pairs of shoes. This was not much number of shoes. But at that time period because of no system of sewerage so to protect themselves form dirt they wear high heels. Other than this instead to cleaning these shoes to use them for next time they just threw away these shoes. Due to which French spend or you can say wasted a lot of money on buying shoes. At that time period queen Maria Antoinette was the symbol of pride and wealth. So to avoid to feel pride and elite the next queens avoid wearing these heels. 

Queen Victoria was the first one to wear boots

As the lases and the buttons on the shoes make it so uncomfortable to open and close it again and again. So the American shoe makers discovered shoes without lases buttons as well as without heels. That made these shoes easy to wear and comfortable to walk. This became popular in both men and women. And the queen Victoria was the first lady to wear these shoes in 1840. 

Lotus feet

These lotus feet were China’s invention that is really warried. In this one has to break his or her fingers and toes to fit his foot inside these shoes. The short feet were ideal for these noble shoes. 

China is the biggest shoe manufacturer in the world

Asia has the most fastest manufacturing industry of these shoes. Almost 6 out of 10 shoes are manufactured in China. China is world`s largest shoe manufacturing country. The family business in Europe have passed many generations with this business and are dominant in this business. In this manufacturing of the shoes all the attention is toward material and the style of the shoe. That’s why you can the Italian shoemakers are well- known because of their fine and perfect work. 

Women that have large amount of shoes

According to a survey mostly women have 21 pairs of shoes and men have 12 pairs of shoes. On the other hand, they use 3 pairs of shoes most commonly. Similarly, some women are addicted to shoes and record shoes collect is of 6000 pairs of shoes in world.


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