Interesting facts about Hookah

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Hookah is said to be the most popular device for enjoying tobacco. It is a water pipe apparatus which can be either single or multi-stemmed where it has been used for smoking since the 15th century. The popularity of Hookah has expanded in the last couple of decades where it is now a part of the modern culture and societies all over the world. Some also opine that it is the most preferred form of smoking when compared to regular, everyday cigarettes.

So below are some interesting facts about Hookah

1. It is known by many names :

The name of Hookah differs from place to place. Some of the alias names of Hookah are:

• Argileh

• Molasses

• Nargile

• Maasel

• Shisha

• Tombak

• Tobamel

2. Why does it tend to the taste buds :

The Hookah is considered to be tasty because it is said to be a mix of tobacco, molasses and fruit.

3. Water :

The water in the Hookah is not considered for cleaning purposes but it is used for cooling it down. But it also filters the smoke a little bit.

4. It is all known for its taste :

Hookah is loved by the millennia because it is known for its flavours. The most famous Shisha flavours are Double Apple and Mint.

5.  Real fruit can be used for the Hookah bowl :

Yes, you read it right! Real fruits like oranges, apples, pineapples and coconuts can be used for the Hookah bowl from where you can smoke shisha. In fact, did you know that the first-ever Hookah was made out of the shell from a coconut?Mind boggling, isn’t it?

6. Hookah was supposed to be placed on the floor:

When the Hookah was first invented, it was made to stand on the floor and was not supposed to be resting on the table or any other type of elevated platform.

7. It was also used by women :

During the 19th century, Hookah was said to be mainly used by women. Since the entire process of smoking Hookah takes some time, it was mostly used by women since men were busier and they opted for regular cigarettes.

8. Tricks can be done with Hookah :

With Hookah, one can make bubbles. All you have to do is mix soap, water and glycerine and the bottle used should be cut to 4 inches.

9. India VS Persia :

There are many Hookah origin stories where some say that the device was invented in India but some say that it was invented in Persia.

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