Important Facts About Cataract And Its Treatment

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A cataract is not a new thing. Since ancient times, people have been removing cataracts from their eyes. The only difference is that the older methods of treatment were very different from modern ones. One of the facts says that the first successful cataract surgery was performed in the 18th century. Apart from this, there are several essential facts to learn about cataracts.

Here are some of the important and necessary facts that one must know about the cataract and its treatment. 

Major Cataract Types

Cataracts are of different types. Many are unaware that cataracts have classifications and not everyone develops similar cataract conditions. The three major cataract types are-

  • Nuclear cataract- In this type, the cataract forms in the center of the lens and is common above the age of 40.

  • Cortical Cataract- In this type, the cataract develops around the edge of the nucleus. The cataract is shaped like a wedge.

  • Posterior Capsular Cataract- In this type, the cataract develops at the back of the eye and it grows faster than the other two. 

Cataract Causes

It is widely known that age is the most common cause of cataract development. But age is not the only cause. Not everyone gets cataracts due to age. It can be caused by several reasons such as:

  • The secondary cataract type is caused by certain health conditions such as diabetes and glaucoma. Even the wrong usage of medicines and steroids can lead to cataracts.

  • The traumatic cataracts are caused by some injury that could be from an accident, cut or burn.

  • Cataracts are also caused by radiation due to radiation therapy for cancer treatment in the neck and head region.

  • The congenital cataracts are found in babies and most babies with congenital cataracts are born with it. 

Visible Signs Of Cataracts

This depends on eye conditions. Cataracts may not be visible and may not give you any signs of its development. One has to understand if they identify any changes in their eyesight that feel abnormal. You may notice fuzzy spots or hazy vision. 

Some may also experience cloudy vision all the time. No matter what the signs one gets, they must not delay seeing an eye specialist. You can book your account in the best eye hospital in Delhi for cataract surgery

Cataract And Blindness

If left untreated for a longer time, the cataract may lead to partial or complete blindness. That is it is necessary to get your eyes checked by an experienced ophthalmologist as you start to see any abnormalities in your eye. Cataracts usually worsen and lead to very weak vision over time. 

Diet And Cataracts

Poor diet and nutrition can be a contributing factor to the development of cataracts. Eating a balanced diet is important that reduces the risk of cataract development. Diet rich in vitamins A, D and E is good for the eyes. 

Cataracts are irreversible. Once you start to see it develop, it will become worse progressively. With proper surgical treatment, cataracts can be removed and the eye health can be restored. 

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